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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today's Writing journal was a poem that I had in this endlessly long list note of poems that I wrote whenever they popped into my head and I didn't have pen and paper. Usually when I was trying to fall asleep, because that's always the best time to have all the ideas ;)

I locked up my emotions
Walked them one by one to the box I would keep them in
To the dresser drawers 
With a gun to their heads
I told them to get in
I locked them up
Sadness with tears streaming down her face,  
Anger his hands clenched white knuckled,  and mouth set in a hard line
Love went slowly, but without protest, her eyes shining like she understood
Joy borrowed tears from sadness for the occasion. 
Passion went last. She fought me.  With wild curling hair and burning eyes she bucked and kicked and ran. 
But I caught her
And I locked her up too. 
Until I was all empty inside me
And my dresser was full.

What did you all think of this one? Let me know in the comments or send me an email!
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1 comment:

  1. I've held my emotions hostage before but let them free again. After a long time in bondage they did not know how to behave properly as they once did.
    One took advantage and harmed them even more, the very reason why I locked them up in the first place.
    Then another took them in and caressed them with care. There was a moment of healing but a las, it was too late. They were already broken. Now as I age, their natural feelings and functions are withering away.
    Feelings are becoming dull and without life.
    Tell me which is worse, holding your feelings hostage or nature robbing you of them?
    That's what it's really like. So many of you will never know this.