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Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Moments

Back to regular life! Which is kind of good in some ways. There's something wonderful about routines. There's also something wonderful about breaking them ;)

Went out to dinner with HATRED to Kneaders. I must say that the salad was pretty good. That being said it's probably my least favorite of the places I've gone to get berry salad before. Mainly because the pieces of lettuce were giant. Does this happen to anyone else? How big do they think our mouths are? Really. 

That one time I learned "Discourt" is not a word and that I'd been hearing the Anberlin song wrong for my whole life. Discord...

This was my attempt at doing a watercolor of what I call "God's Pupil" when there's this big ring of light circling the moon. We saw it on our way down to California and I thought it would be fun to watercolor. :)

Our ponderize for the past two weeks! How is that going for you guys? 

I'm lately in love with salads. Especially with tomatoes. Pretty much tomatoes are my favorite right now. I think that after all that fast food and eating out on the trip I'm just craving freshness. 
Also that is a glass of brazilian lemonade my husband made for us... so good! :) Sometimes when there is really good food I get hoarders mentality about it. I took a whole extra glass of it just so I could be sure I got my fair share.

How was your week? Any good Salad recipes you want to send my way will be greatly appreciated!

I hope you have a great Monday!

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