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Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Moments

So apparently I didn't take any pictures this last week. Well, unless you count food. Since I got my fitness tracker I've started taking pictures of almost all my meals, just so I can know what I use to keep myself alive. Because people ask me all the time how I function since I don't really like sandwiches, and I always have no idea what to tell them. Now I can tell them it's mostly granola and pasta ha ha

Sushi Express guys. I'll keep singing their praises.

My sweet Captain made me this grilled cheese sandwich on Valentines. I know I just said that I don't really like Sandwiches, but the grilled variety and generally good ;)

Anyway, I promise I did actually do things last week, but mostly the normal things. I went to the temple (Oqquirh... I know you've never seen me post a picture of that before ;) ), went to institute, read books

Oh, and I did practice Hand lettering and water color. 
I may or may not have just remembered that I could have taken pictures of them.

Anyway, how was your Valentines? The Captain and I are celebrating it today since I have work off :) I made him purple gluten free vanilla crepes for breakfast and he brought me pink roses :) I'm sure that there will be pictures of at least the roses next week! I was going to post a crepe recipe for you guys on Friday so that you could make them for yourself or loved ones, but it didn't happen. I'll work on being better!

Thank you all so much for reading! Happy Valentines Weekend!

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