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Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Moments

Hey there everyone! :) How was your weekend? Mine wasn't long enough, but then again, it rarely is!

Well, I'll just dive right into the moments, there were a lot this last week!

The Captain brought me roses for Valentines day. We celebrated the day after since I had that Monday off! So I made him some purple crepes for breakfast. The Captain likes randomly colored food for some reason!

We had dinner at Red Robin. As you can see I got the Buzz clucks and Macaroni and Cheese. I was pretty impressed, although I wished that there was a little more sauce or cheese on my macaroni. I'm a sucker for anything buffalo! It's just the right amount of spice!

On Wednesday I went with the Captain to Club 50 West so that he could be a panelist on Mormon Stories. The food wasn't bad, but the service was terrible! They didn't have anything gluten free (which was fine) but someone ate the Captain's meal and they didn't get him a new one until 2 minutes until he had to go on. They didn't even apologize for it. I would not recommend going there.

The Captain and I went out to lunch on Thursday because he got a job!! :) We are so excited! His first day is today, send him good vibes! :)

I painted this watercolor lion for my Daddy's birthday. Funny story, my father-in-law and my dad have the same birthday! But they're not the same age. 
My daddy has always been a lion kind of guy so I hope he liked it!
Also I really need to get some watercolor paper!

I've been working on this journal for 3 years now. I've obsessively counted how many pages left for the past 2.
In case you were wondering, today the number is 20.
SO close!

Yesterday I made this dinner. I was overly proud of it. Especially since my mom was the one who marinaded the meat, but I did cook all of it! Those potatoes are the best roasted potatoes ever though. HERE's the recipe!

I hope you all had a great week! Let me know your highlights in the comments!

Thanks for reading! :)
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