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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scripture Study with Sharpie

So I don't know about you guys, but I always switching up my scripture study method (you never would have guessed that, I know, I'm always consistent in everything). 

Anyway, I kind of hoard pens and notebooks... and those kinds of things. Over Christmas I was doing some shopping, trying to get the Captain his favorite pens.
The office/school supply section is always a dangerous place for me to be, because as I've said, I'm a little addicted to them. 
I managed to only leave with some Sharpie Pens on top of what I bought for him, so it was kind of a win. But since I bought them, I had to justify their use and so I decided to use them for scripture study.
I may also have a slight color coding problem (as in if I could, I would color code all the things).

It's fine.

The system I came up with was this:

Pink- my own thoughts/miscellaneous 
Blue- The people of the chapter, as well as summary of where they are at the beginning of studying
Mint- Characteristics of God/Jesus Christ
Peach- Take away for the day/ section
Black- Title and questions to ask myself for introspection

Like so

Apparently I didn't have any questions for myself on either of the days I picked.

I like them because so far they haven't bled through the pages and they're pretty smooth to write with.

Also if you were curious, both those notebooks/journals are from Target. I just finished the orange one and the gray is it's replacement :)

How do you study? How do you color code? What are your study tools of choice?

Let me know what you think!
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