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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Writing Journal #41

The word
The idea, 
has stuck into everyone's minds
like the sandman dropped spiked dreams into everyone's heads

scary fairytales
with all the danger and drama wrapped up in two imperfect human beings
our own wicked witches and poisoned apples

An atomic bomb wrapped in titanium and diamonds...
or not.

I've seen the mushroom clouds
the tears on the faces of burn victims
wishing they'd died in the flash of light
became the mist that rolled in waves through the destroyed towns

I never wanted to be a bomb
I avoid the "M" word

Yet, I've taken the "L" word
handled it with bare hands
like it wasn't explosive
like it didn't have the power to rip me up
to take all the secrets and smear them on the ground

Every time, I came away maimed
more of me spilling out

but I picked up the bomb again, no gloves
because maybe it will go off, 
Maybe it won't

Maybe I like the danger

Maybe I like the way the adrenaline makes my nerves sing
Like the way two individuals explode
ideas, thoughts, feelings
into each other

come out broken, bruised

It's not without casualties
but they are the art of the soul

sometimes things that are the most shattered
reflect the most light

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