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Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Moments

Another Monday. Is Daylight Saving still kicking anyone else in the butt? Because getting up in the morning is SO hard lately! I can't wait until it's light when I wake up again!

So I took almost no pictures this last week. Well I took some supremely unflattering pictures of myself with hives, but I decided to spare you all of that. They showed up to party last Wednesday night and are *almost* gone now! 

Which is also partially why I have no pictures for you guys. I promise I'll do better! :)

Yesterday The Captain and I decided to burn some stuff. Really the Captain would burn stuff every day if he could, but we had a good time watching the sunset and the flames. Mostly he worked with the fire while I sat with Soleil (my pomeranian) on my lap. It made me excited for summer and camping and hiking. We're officially into Spring and I can't wait for the flowers to start popping up and the trees to start blossoming!

Well I will try to be more exciting this week and actually post stuff ;) 

Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great week that was hive free ;)

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