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Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday Moments

Hey Everyone! Believe it or not as of today I have been married 5 months! It's crazy. Part of me feels like I have always been married, the other part of me feels like we just barely got married!

Anyway, onto the Moments of the week :)

I am a sucker for just about anything buffalo and I was REALLY craving tater tots. I used to work at Taco Maker as a teenager and their cheesy tater gems were my FAVORITE! I miss them all the time, so I decided to try out making my own with Sonic's tater tots. Not quite as good, but close!

If you follow me on instagram then you know that the Captain went out of town for 4 days and he sent me these flowers at work. I love getting flowers at work. It makes me feel so special and it's always a huge surprise!

We get our eggs from one of our neighbors and this one was so cute and speckled that I had to take a picture :)

This was my attempt at recording the curls actually working, and of course they never work in photos as well as I think they should. 

This was my Conference nest. My family all ended up being called away last minute so I had to rock the first session on my own. It was kind of fun though! I'll be doing a post about it next Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed it though, or what did you do over the weekend?

Thanks for reading! I hope that you're having a good Monday!
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