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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday Moments

Hey! I missed you guys last week! 
I'm so grateful to have internet again. Although, this post has taken me forever since the window didn't want to let me add any pictures. Hopefully they still work out ok!

The Captain and I moved as I said last time and so we've been busy getting settled into our new place. Which mostly looks like walls of boxes at the moment. We're loving our apartment! We love it even though we have a rooster that likes to wake us up in the night.
We named him Chanticleer.

I bought myself a new study book of mormon with extra wide margins and I am absolutely loving it! I always get a little bored with Nephi since I've read it so many times, but this time around I'm finding all sorts of new things :)

Stuffed French Toast from Penny Ann's Cafe. We went to the brand new location in Taylorsville and it was pretty good. Even though I chose this as a snap decision because everyone else already knew what they wanted. 

We went to this little park on Sunday. So nice to be so close to a place like this :) I'm sure you'll see more pictures of it in future posts, I can already tell it's going to become a regular destination!

Currently reading:

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Something to take away:

"People overestimate what they can do in a single day
and underestimate what they can do in their whole lives"

-Modern Hepburn (as best I can find)

As always, thanks for reading :) I'll be writing again soon!
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