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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bell's Canyon

This week has been CRAZY. I wasn't sure I'd get this post up!

So Bell's Canyon. First things first, this hike is 4.7 miles long (round trip).
Like the Butler Fork Trail, the first Half mile is pretty rough! That first half mile will get you to the lake though, so even if you only go that far, no judgement and it's a great view! :)

I'd hiked to that lake probably 3 or 4 times before, but never gone any further, because I knew that the trail was rated as hard. (I use the Alltrails app, which is awesome.) This time, I was hiking with the Captain though and we decided to go a little farther and see how it went.

For most of the next mile after the lake the trail is pretty flat and easy. The trail is kind of hard to follow at points, but if it looks like you're following a stream bed, you're probably in the right place. When in doubt, follow the trail that heads UP :)

My goal was to go 2.5 miles in (we thought the trail was longer than it was and we ended up taking a few side trails on accident.), but we passed a lot of people that told us the waterfall wasn't too much farther, so we ended up going all the way.

It was gorgeous! The waterfall was huge! You pass lots of little falls along the way since you're next to the river a lot, but they look like dribbles compared to the waterfalls at the top! Definitely worth it.

It gets a little harder toward the end, more steep, but not as bad as that first half mile. If you want to do this trail, don't let that first half mile scare you. Plus, remember, you can always take breaks!

That last view is over the valley just above the lake. Also, the picture of the waterfall doesn't even close to do it justice. I tried posting a video of it below, we'll see if it works!

Anyway, have you gone on any hikes recently? What would you recommend?
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