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Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday Moments

Last week I spent 90% of my waking time watching Downton Abbey and laying on our Lovesac because I was sick. 
But hey, at least being sick was good for something. I did get a fair amount of reading done and the cessation of responsibility was nice. I honestly don't know how all you mothers out there do it, but kudos. 

My sweet Captain came home from work in the middle of the day on Tuesday to give me a blessing and take me to Instacare. At the doctor's, they told me I was going to need a shot, so afterward he took me out for cheese fries.

This was Friday when I was starting to feel mostly OK again.

We got gelato from Sweetaly that night. It was our first time and the Nutella flavor was amazing! It's actually one of the Captain's friend's favorite gelato places in the whole world. And when I say the whole world, I mean he's had gelato from Italy.

Went for a walk with Hatred on Saturday morning. The weather did not cooperate, but it was still nice to be out instead of laying around.

The Captain and I decided to go to breakfast on Saturday after my walk at The Park Cafe! I made a snap decision to order the Michigan Hash. I'd say it was pretty good! I wasn't super impressed with the toast (but let's be honest, I've never been impressed with any toast I've ordered) but the hash itself was delicious!

The Captain kind of had a week long birthday. We watched The Sound of Music (which he had never seen before) with his friends, had homemade pizza and ate this delicious gluten free Funfetti cake! Yes, we stained our teeth blue on that frosting, but it was worth it!

Well, that pretty much wraps up the weekly events!

I am currently reading:

The Princess Bride By William Goldman
(and absolutely loving it. Again)

Something to take away, especially in light of the tragedy on Sunday:

"In a world where you can be anything,
Be Kind"


Thank you all for reading! I'd love to hear from you :) I hope you all have a great week!

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