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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Read and Currently Reading

If you haven't gathered already from this blog, I really enjoy reading (and writing). I read so much that I thought it might be fun to share some of what I'm reading with you (beyond the little snippets on Monday Moments).

I'm kind of picky about what I read in terms of how clean it is (I read a lot of children's fiction as a result, but I do branch out as well). So I came up with my own rating system!

RA= Rachael Approved 
Meaning I would feel comfortable recommending the book to just about anyone

RS= Rachael Skipped
Meaning I liked the book/finished it, but I skipped some scenes and/or there was some language in it

RQ= Rachael Quit
I started the book but there was either too much language or there were things I didn't approve of in it.

Twilight Series

So lately I've re-read the entire Twilight Series. Which as I said before, I actually think is pretty good. I think it's an interesting exploration of what is most important in life (love, family) and the kind of sacrifices that we have to make in order to protect those we care about. 
I also thought it was interesting that the Vampires are basically resurrected beings. Even in the book they take 3 days to change (symbolic of how long Christ was in the tomb) and have to go through excruciating pain to become vampires.

Personal Rating: 3 Stars and RS (mostly for the allusion to sex in the later books)

All the Light We Cannot See

This last week I finished reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. It's about the Second World War. There are several main characters, but mostly a little boy who ends up in the Nazi army and a little blind french girl. They grow up a lot throughout the book and, not surprisingly, have some pretty terrible things happen to them. I really enjoyed the read, even if it was slightly disturbing. It felt very authentic. 
I do find it interesting how many books we have about this time in our history. So many of them are so poignant. Some of my favorite books are written about this time in our history. It was such a terrible scar on humanity that I'm not sure we'll ever get over it. 

Personal Rating: 3 Stars and RS (for the use of the F word and some raw exposure to terrible experiences)

The Host

I've just started re-reading The Host also by Stephenie Meyer. I've always liked it more than I liked The Twilight Series, so it will be interesting to read through again (see if my brain goes into hyper-study mode again and finds underlying meanings). Every time I read it it makes me want to eat Cheetos. There are some books that just make me crave certain kinds of food. For example, reading Harry Potter always makes me want Tang. Not because it talks about it in the book (like Cheetos being mentioned in The Host), but because I always ate it when I was up late reading the books as a child. It may seem random, but it's true! Do you guys have anything like that?

Anyway, that's what I'm reading! What are you reading? Any recommendations to add to my already long list? :)

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