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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Read and Currently Reading

Last we talked, I was reading The Host.
Well, I finished it! And, I finished it without eating any Cheetos (I'm pretty sure that I haven't done that since the first time I read it. Maybe not even then.)

My brain wasn't on hyper-analytic mode this time, but it was still pretty good.

The Host
By Stephenie Meyer

This was a nice fun read. Nothing to really weigh you down in it, although I will admit to crying a couple of times toward the end (we're going to blame that on being sick). A good little love story/love triangle. I kind of love love triangles. The reason being that I was in one for a really long time. Two years of trying to decide between two boys, and I didn't end up with either of them (that's a real life love triangle ending). It made a pretty deep impact on my life, though, so anytime I come across them in books it's pretty easy to relate. 

*RS- For the making out and occasional language. 
I recommend Cheetos for this read (I like the puffs kind for this particular book), and maybe some tissues :)

The Princess Bride
By William Goldman

Where to start with this book. Um... I love it. It's hilarious. It's better than the movie. The best part about this book is that it's so believable. Not that I believe in the Cliffs of Insanity or the Fire Swamps or anything like that, but that William Goldman really had a wife named Helen and a son named Jason and that his father read the Princess Bride to him... I have to remind myself every single time I read the book that it's not real. It's so well mixed in with things that really happened that I start to believe everything. 
That is the mark of a good storyteller. 
I will forever be unhappy that Buttercup's Baby will never be published. 

*RA- Yes, I think that there is a swear word or two in here, but I would still recommend it to just about anyone. 

RA= Rachael Approved 
Meaning I would feel comfortable recommending the book to just about anyone

RS= Rachael Skipped
Meaning I liked the book/finished it, but I skipped some scenes and/or there was some language in it

RQ= Rachael Quit
I started the book but there was either too much language or there were things I didn't approve of in it.

I also did a periscope about this yesterday so I'll just leave the link to the video here if you'd like to watch it! :)

P.S. I'm pretty sure I'm better at talking about books than writing about them. Plus there is an extra book discussed in the video that isn't in this post!

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