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Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday Moments

Hey, everyone! How are you liking December so far? I feel interesting about the snow. On the one hand, I have always been one for a white Christmas but on the other... I don't enjoy driving in the snow. Luckily it has been ok as far as my commute goes to this point! Hopefully, the snow continues to let me drive ok :)

This last week was the end of November (finally!) and the beginning of a new month. Is it just me or did November actually last approximately 4 and a half months?

The Captain and I found this beautiful tree on our drive home from the Bountiful temple last week! I love the White Christmas lights. Especially the true white lights like this.

Hung out with my little sister's puppy for about an hour on Friday and all she wanted to do was play.

Date night on Friday involved making homemade donuts and Astro Burgers and it was delicious! Not only was this the first time I made gluten free donuts, it was the first time I've ever made donuts. I was pretty pleased how they turned out.

I got this quote from watching Supergirl and I really liked it. Hope for the future is something that I've been thinking a lot about lately with all the horrible things we hear about happening in the world. The future will probably be no more perfect than life is now, so we have to choose to live with hope, because of in spite of all the bad, there is so much good.

Currently Reading:

By Brandon Sanderson

To Do's and Goals:

  • Listen to more Christmas Music
  • Make some more Brazilian Cheese Rolls
  • Do some Christmas Shopping
  • Stay sane

Something to take away:

"The Key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities."

-Stephen Covey
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