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Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday Moments

Hey! How was your week last week? Mine was pretty good. Still haven't done any Christmas Shopping... I'm a little bit in denial about Christmas coming this year since it will be the first year that I spend away from my family. I actually wrote a whole blog post about it. Twice... but it ended up sounding incredibly depressing. I kept trying to twist it so that it would be happy and hopeful, but quite honestly it would have been a lie. So it's just sitting in my drafts folder. 

Anyway, onto the less depressing things. 

I got my hair trimmed this week. I get a little obsessive about making sure my hair is healthy and actually growing when I'm growing it out, so I always take a picture of my hair pre and post cut. Also, because I don't want to damage my hair I pretty much never straighten it, so I don't really see the true length of it until after its been cut. Anyone else growing out their hair? :)

The Captain and I have been on a cookie dough kick lately. We have this gluten-free edible cookie dough recipe so this week we decided to try throwing it in some ice cream! It was both a wonderful and terrible discovery. I'm itching to try cookie shots with ice cream in them. In fact, I found a pan that you can cook the shots in, but they are all out of stock! So unfair...

I know oil is bad, but I can't help but admire how beautiful it is when I come across it. I found this rainbow on my walk home the other day.

Currently Reading:

Nothing. Yup. Nothing. I put like 5 books on hold but I am currently bookless. If you have any suggestions, especially Christmas books to help get me in the Christmas Spirit, I would really appreciate it!

Currently Writing:

The Sun Singers
Progress this week: Probably 5 pages handwritten

Goals and To-dos:

  • Finalize plans for the Activity Day Activity this week
  • Decide what treat to take to work for treat day
  • Workout! Go running!
  • Write every day
  • Do all of my Christmas shopping
  • Wrap Christmas Presents
  • Make a packing list for Florida

Thanks for reading! I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season! Seriously, any book recommendations are appreciated!

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