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Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Moments

Happy Monday!

How is everyone doing? I'm still hanging in there. You'll all be happy to know I was able to get into the dentist. The bad news is that my tooth hasn't stopped hurting since it was fixed... Ironically it didn't hurt at all before it was fixed. 
Go figure...

We made Twice baked potatoes on Tuesday. We had them at the Captain's grandparent's house on Sunday and they were SO good that we had to try and make them ourselves! They weren't quite as delicious, but I'd say that they were pretty good for a first attempt!

We found a new sushi place!!! Ever since our last one was sold to a Mexican couple, we've been missing it. So when we went out on a double date on Friday and they picked Fat Fish I was feeling a little reluctant. 
For those of you who don't know me, I have a very small mouth. As in, I can't open my mouth very wide. I attribute my dislike of sandwiches, corn on the cob, and dentists to the fact that I can't open my mouth as wide as I need to for each of these things. 
So when I eat sushi it's kind of a disaster. There is no way for me to fit a whole roll in my mouth for one bite, so it ends up getting completely destroyed. I always worry that I'm offending the people who have taken the time to make the beautiful rolls that I'm eating. Then I realized that I was going to be letting the Captain's friends watch me destroy sushi.
BUT, their rolls were mostly small enough that I could fit them in my mouth! I know that sounds totally trivial but it was a huge selling point for me! Not to mention that all the rolls we tried were delicious. I highly recommend them.

The Captain and I went for a drive up the canyon for our date last week. It was so beautiful to see the snow covered trees. I'd definitely recommend this as a cheap date for anyone! Maybe take some hot chocolate along. We stopped just this once along the way to take pictures.

I made this petite watercolor wreath on Sunday. I love having church early so that we can spend so much time together in the afternoons. 

Currently reading:

Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

To Dos/Goals:

  • Get my tooth fixed... again
  • Keep typing up what I currently have written for my novel
  • Plan a cheap date with the Captain
  • Send out some letters
  • Plan visiting teaching for the month
  • Decide what I'm going to Fast for on Sunday

Something to take away:

"You can't expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it."

Thank you all for reading! I hope you have a great week!

What are your goals for February? What are you all planning to do for Valentine's day? I'm looking for ideas!

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