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Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year Goals | Progression, Not Perfection

I thought about titling this post something like "New Year, New You?" but ultimately decided that straightforward is best.

I realize that we are about two weeks into the New Year, which means that if you made goals there's a fairly good chance that you aren't doing so well at them, or maybe you didn't make any at all because you knew that you wouldn't keep them. Maybe you threw in the towel on New Years Goals years ago.

I'm here to say that I get that. I get being frustrated that you didn't do quite what you wanted to do, or you flat out failed at keeping your goals. Possibly you've made the same goals for years and you keep failing at them.

While it's very tempting to just quit or not make any goals, especially when you see yourself falling short of what you would like to accomplish.


I think that a lot of people get confused about what goals are for. At least in my mind, goals are made for progression, NOT perfection

If you make a goal that you will go to the gym every day of 2017, and then by the end of the first few weeks you've missed a day here and there because things got crazy, or you didn't feel like it, or whatever the reason, that's ok! If you continue with that goal, maybe missing days here and there for the rest of the year, maybe even occasionally missing a week or two here or there, you're still moving forward. You still get the benefits of all the days that you did go. Just because you missed a day and didn't reach the "perfection" of your goal, doesn't mean that it nullifies the success of all the days you made it to the gym (or whatever your goal is).

So keep going! You've got this!

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