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Monday, April 24, 2017

Monday Moments

Hey, everyone!! I hope that you all had a great week! This last week and the week before really were pretty rough. I had a breast cancer scare and I am extra grateful for modern medicine and for my family. Everyone was very supportive and helpful, from prayers and texts to going to doctors appointments with me. I can't say how glad I am that it turned out to be nothing, but I was so grateful for the knowledge that if it had turned out differently I would have had them there to help me through it. 

This phrase got me through these last few weeks! I made this for myself, but I hope that it helps someone else too! Here's the post about it if you want to read it! Or, just jump to the printable ;)

These are my favorite kind of Hershey's nuggets and they did this terribly wonderful thing and changed the wrapper so I can spot them in a second and eat all of them...

This is what I call the color rule. The random occurrence of things of the same color grouping themselves together, seriously guys, it happens ALL the time.

I posted about one of my favorite books, but I also had a friend who loved this print. If you were looking for it, here is where you can get it! My sweet little sister got it for me for Christmas and I love it!

Both of these were taken on the Bountiful temple grounds. I'm slightly obsessed with the view and with flowers. I loved this little spot because that single yellow tulip made me think of those "be your own kind of beautiful" Mormon ads.

Things do to/goals:

  • Finish Camp NaNoWriMo
  • Go on a hike
  • Have a vegetable with every dinner
  • Do sealings at the temple this week
  • Write 2 thank you notes
  • Make some Paper Heart Poet poems for Poem in your pocket day

Currently Reading:

The Gifts of Imperfection By Brené Brown
Everybody Writes By Ann Handley
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning By Lemony Snicket

Something to take away:

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long.
We keep moving forward,
opening new doors, and doing new things."

-Walt Disney

Thanks for reading!

How was your week? I'd love to hear about it!

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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Living Christ Printable

I know, I know, by now you're probably thinking, "what, does she sit around and make printables all day?" The answer is yes. I do. And I actually really enjoy it! I hope that you guys like them!

Anyway, it the last General Conference they talked about making studying "The Living Christ" a priority. If I'm honest, I kind of forgot that it existed. When I was teenager, I tried to memorize it. I had about the first half down and the document was posted on the wall inside my shower. It lived there until the pocket protector finally gave out like 10 years later. 

I love what The Living Christ teaches us. I, for one, seem to forget that Christ is still alive. I know that he was resurrected and that he didn't die again, but somehow that doesn't seem to connect with my idea of alive. I love that this reminds me of who he was and who he is. 

It really was a powerful thing to memorize what I did. I'm thinking about taking on the challenge again (who's with me?!). 

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to have a pretty copy to hang up, and a few to mark up. I made two different versions! 

What struck you about General Conference?

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday Moments

Hey, guys! Long time no see! I really thought that I could give this blog up, but I was totally wrong. I'm going to do both :)
In case you didn't know, I started a new blog called Her Ink, which is where I've been for the last month and half. 
Anyway onto the moments!

I got to spend some quality time with my puppy over General Conference. I never get over how cute she is without trying.

In case you missed it, I made this general conference printable on my other blog! You are welcome to use it while studying the general conference talks! 

I had a very kind co-worker buy me these markers. I can't say how much it lifted my spirits! The Captain had been out of a job for a long time and it was really starting to get to me. I'm so grateful for all the good people in my life.

Loved this quote from conference. 

This has always been one of my favorite stories in the bible. It's something that I ponder a lot. I try to always leave things in God's hands and take whatever he decides to send my way. It doesn't make the "Not" easy, but it does make it easier.

If the spring blossoms never went away, I wouldn't be sad.

Things to do:
-Finish reading my "vegetable" books
-Make 4 blog posts
-Write a love letter
-Write 5 hours for Camp NaNoWriMo

Currently Reading:

The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown
Everybody Writes By Ann Handley

Something to take away:

"You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved."

What are you reading? What are your goals for the week?

I hope you have a great day! 

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