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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Living Christ Printable

I know, I know, by now you're probably thinking, "what, does she sit around and make printables all day?" The answer is yes. I do. And I actually really enjoy it! I hope that you guys like them!

Anyway, it the last General Conference they talked about making studying "The Living Christ" a priority. If I'm honest, I kind of forgot that it existed. When I was teenager, I tried to memorize it. I had about the first half down and the document was posted on the wall inside my shower. It lived there until the pocket protector finally gave out like 10 years later. 

I love what The Living Christ teaches us. I, for one, seem to forget that Christ is still alive. I know that he was resurrected and that he didn't die again, but somehow that doesn't seem to connect with my idea of alive. I love that this reminds me of who he was and who he is. 

It really was a powerful thing to memorize what I did. I'm thinking about taking on the challenge again (who's with me?!). 

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to have a pretty copy to hang up, and a few to mark up. I made two different versions! 

What struck you about General Conference?

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