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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

10 Gospel Study Topics

I am not the best gospel student. I always felt a little bit behind my peers since my family wasn't the "model" LDS family. I didn't start studying on my own until I was 14 after I attended a week-long gospel day camp up in Idaho called EFY (Especially for Youth). Up until that point, I did what I could at church, but I didn't do anything on my own.

At EFY we spent every morning studying and then took lectures all day long on different gospel topics. I felt like studying on my own was something that I didn't even consider until then.  Even though I had attended other camps and things where we studied, I never made it a part of my daily routine until then.

After that, I made studying the scriptures every day a priority and went whole years without missing a day. I'm not quite that good anymore, but I still try to really study every day. After awhile I started coming up with questions that I wanted to study. Whenever I think of a topic I might want to study, I flip to the end of whatever notebook I'm using to study with and write down the topic for later.

I still struggle to find a time to study these topics. I feel like I can't step away from where I am already studying to study these topics. I made a kind of compromise that I study these topics when I'm traveling.

I have loved delving deeper into some of these topics. I'm pretty sure that just like my book list, it'll only keep growing and never quite get finished, but it's going to be quite a fun journey!

One thing that I love about studying the scriptures on my own is that I find out things I didn't understand before. For me, it doesn't matter much if someone has already studied the topic and explained it to me, it doesn't really sink in until I study it on my own. 

I try to make studying a part of my daily routine by reading as soon as I wake up. For me, it's when I'm most ready to be involved in the scriptures and I know that it will get done that way. When I put it off for whatever reason (I wake up late, I got distracted with other things, we have to be out the door really super early...) it doesn't have as much of an impact. I'll usually end up reading something later, but I don't STUDY like I would. I miss out on that daily spiritual renewal and find myself to be less the person I want to be. I end up being more snippy and easily upset. I really wonder how other people function without the scriptures because I NEED them to be a good person. 

If you, like me, love studying the scriptures and you need some things to study, this list is made just for you :) Click HERE for your free printable!

How do you choose what to study? How do you work studying into your daily routine?

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