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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How Couple Council Keeps Our Marriage Strong

The Captain and I have been married almost a year and a half! (18 month mark tomorrow!) I am by no means an expert on marriage, but I am loving being married. It is not always easy, we are very different people. We sometimes get in fights and we're far from perfect, but I love him so much. I love him more and more. One of the things that I think have been so good for our marriage is our weekly councils. 

I used to fight the idea of having a weekly meeting. I'm not really sure why I was so reluctant to try it. The Captain tried to convince us to have weekly meetings a long time ago, but I finally came around. So every Sunday after church and after we've had lunch, we have our weekly council meeting.

We have a special journal that we use. It's a safe place for us to bring up any issues that have been bugging us. I love that we can talk about anything. Sometimes we don't have anything to say as far as issues go, but it's the perfect time to touch base and discuss our goals for the week. We also talk about our progress on our goals from the previous week. 

I feel like our relationship has improved so much since we started having weekly meetings. We're both on the same page for what we're doing that week, we plan our date for the week, and we're able to support each other in our goals because we actually know what the other person is working on. The fact that we have a safe place to bring up issues when we're not already upset about something and we're emotionally prepared to deal with is so helpful. It's a time when we're not tired or hungry, we're more capable of dealing with the issues at hand.

There are two bloggers that inspired me to start doing this. Long before I got married I read a blog post by the Freckled Fox about sharing goals with her spouse and having a planning meeting. Then Audrey and Jeremy from the blog Beating 50 percent just came out with a marriage journal which they use to meet each week. Their journal is a bit more in depth and is more geared toward Christians. I recommend it if you wanted a bound journal that you didn't want to write out yourself. Or, the next option that you can use is this free printable that I made. You can keep it in a binder for keeping track of progress week to week and keep it on the fridge during the week so that you have your goals right in front of you :)

Click HERE to get your printable

Do you have weekly meetings? What do you do to keep your relationships strong?

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