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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Mother's Day Card Printables

Hello, everyone! I realize that I start almost every post that way, but it seems impolite not to say hello! Mother's day is almost upon us. If you, like me, are somewhat of a procrastinator when it comes to holidays and birthdays, I've got you covered. It seems like even when I know that holidays are coming and I'm thinking about them and working on things for them, they still sneak up on me and I'm never ready for them.

So in celebration of your mother and mine, I made these cards.

I don't know about your mom, but my mom and I have had an interesting relationship. When I was a child I wanted her attention, but my little sister seemed to get all of it. As a teenager, she was often out of the home working after my parents divorced. As an adult, we've settled into quite a beautiful friendship. I realize all the time how much I'm like her. Even though I felt that I never got enough of her as a child, I realize now that I didn't give her enough credit for all that she did give me. She's given me so many of my life mottos, and I can already tell that I'm going to be a waterfall (someone who seems to cry over everything) just like she is. I'm ok with that. I hope to be as kind and caring with my own children, and to love them and fight for our family just as fiercely as she has.

Momma, I made these for you.

Now, my second card I made a little differently than I had planned, but I hope that you'll like it just the same. I figured you could print them on cardstock and cut them out, then slip them to a few people who might be feeling a little lonely or sad. They're small enough that you don't have to write a lot to fill up them up, but I think that they'll mean a lot to whoever you might give them to anyway.

I hope you all have a fantastic mother's day, whether you are a mother or not. I hope that you use this opportunity to celebrate all the women in your life who have made an impact, and raised you, even if you were "all grown up" when you met. I'm so grateful for my mother, and for all the women who have stepped in as mothers for me when I needed one.

Happy Mother's Day!

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