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Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday Moments | Road trip Getaway

Hey, everyone! How was your week last week? As predicted, last week was busy for me, but it was a lot of fun! Here are some highlights :)

I spent most of Monday hanging out with my older sister doing art. She does more technical art than me, but I was pretty proud of how this turned out, even with the mistakes. You should check out her art here.

I have always loved the idea of celebrating the summer solstice, but I never seem to plan ahead well enough. This year I remembered though! We got snow cones to celebrate the longest day of the year. These are the best snow cones I've been able to find! They're cheap and they're delicious. I definitely recommend that you try them out!

On Thursday I went with my Mom to visit my great aunt and learn a little bit more about our family history. We went to lunch and then drove up to bountiful to meet her. It was so interesting to hear the stories and learn more! I've always been one that wanted to know more about my family, even if I am terrible at doing family history itself.

Friday we spent getting ready to leave for St. George and driving down. Fun fact: I don't actually like driving. I'd much rather be a passenger, so my sweet Brian is usually the one driving. Lucky for us, he likes to drive!

We stayed in St. George with some friends in this giant house that almost had enough rooms for everyone to have their own room. I won't lie, part of the greatness about this trip was the AC. Even though St. George was REALLY hot, it was a lot cooler for us since the AC actually works! We actually got cold at night instead of roasting to death. Brian decided he needed to run while we were there, so he ended up running at about 7 AM and crashing for a nap around 10 AM. 

Sunday we visited the Pine Valley church. It is a historic church and so beautiful! They give tours all the time and the drive was only about 40 minutes from St. George. Not only that but the drive was beautiful getting out there. I highly recommend it if you're out there.

We decided to visit the Pine Valley Reservoir at the recommendation of the man who gave us the tour of the church. It's only about 2 miles away and 5$ a car to get in. It was gorgeous! We didn't stay too long, mostly just walked around a little bit, but it was still worth it. It would be the perfect place to bring a picnic and go for a walk. We're planning to visit it again sometime in the future.

Goals/To dos for the week:

-Get things together for passport
-Go grocery shopping
-Plan Sunday lesson
-Write 2 hours
-Have a Twilight movie marathon with my little sister
-Eat at regular meal times (vacations are always so hard for that!)
-Unpack from trip
-Make blog post calendar for the next 3 months
-Go swimming
-Walk/run 30 minutes 5 days this week

Currently Reading:

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Something to take away:

"The best way to get things done is simply to begin"


Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week! I'd love to hear what summer adventures you're having! :)

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Some Days

Some days i get caught up in dreaming about all the things I want for my life. All the little dreams that I want to make realities. Who I want to be in a year, in 5 years, in 10 years, or who I want to be right now. 

Today is one of those days. I’m caught up in thinking about what it would be like if I could paint myself into the perfect picture of everything that I wish my life could be. Blogging, traveling, writing. I’d have that perfect kitchen, stocked with cute dishes and healthy food. We’d live by the beach in a beautiful house where every room was Pinterest-worthy (definitely no junk or clutter). We’d have a library and cute rooms for all the kids we don’t have yet. We’d have a room full of all the things you might need for an adventure. We’d hop on planes on a whim to other countries and there would be pictures of all the moments I hold close to my heart but never seem to capture on film. We’d see and taste and be and bring our littles along with us.
Of course, there would be no debt. We’d wear beautiful clothes and run along the beach together every morning before relaxing with crepes or croissants. We’d throw dinner parties with beautiful place settings.

We’d have beautiful friends all over the country that would have adventures with us and who we’d write real letters to. 

Everything would be wrapped up in neat little bows. 

Today is not that day. We still have to work. We have boxes of things we don’t use (mostly me). Our bed isn’t made and I definitely lounged around until 8 AM this morning instead of getting up at 6:30 like I’d planned to. Most of my hand lettering doesn’t turn out the way that I had imagined it and a lot of the time it seems like I’m shouting into the void of the internet with almost no one listening. That being said, you don’t know how much each page view means to me. I put so much of my heart and soul into this. I try to shape myself into the person that I want myself to be and I hope that it brings all of us a little closer to becoming just who we dream of being. 

Even with the clutter and the debt and the fact that we have to work for a living. Even with the pants that have holes in unseemly places that I’ve been wearing for almost a year now. Even with all of the hard times and the times when it seems like I may be the stupidest person in the world for believing that I can inch my way closer to those dreams.
Even then.

This is the most beautiful life. There are so many wonderful things that I never really believed would make it off of a page like this one that are in my life now. I love our tiny little apartment. I love our adventures to the mountains and trying out places to eat and eating at the same places we always eat at. I love that Brian lets me ramble on and on about random things. I love that I can do nothing with him. I love that I go on adventures with my mom. Have art days with my sister. Have twilight marathons with my other sister. I love sending out happy mail and taking polaroids (really instax pictures) and taping them into my journal. 

I love all of it. 

Oddly, dreaming of “better things” doesn’t take away from the beautiful things I already enjoy. It just gives me something to stretch toward. To hope for. 

I remember when I was dating Brian. We knew that we couldn’t get married yet because we were still waiting on his temple recommend. It was heartbreaking for me. We’d been talking marriage since we’d only been dating a month, and to watch friends of mine get engaged and married when they had been dating less time than we had tore me to shreds. I’m amazed that I didn’t drive Brian away with all of the complaining and crying I did about the fact that I wanted to be married. I wanted to be engaged. I made him promise me then that we’d be happy when we got married, just for the fact that we could be together. I made him promise that we’d be grateful for that time, even if we had hard times or if we had a hard time having babies or anything like that. I knew that I could easily waste my life away wishing for the next step, and I couldn’t help wasting away wishing that we were married, but I didn’t want that to continue. 

So we find the happy moments together, no matter what. Whether we have no jobs and no money or we have enough to travel. We love just being. Because he IS enough for me. No matter what else I dream of. 

What do you daydream of?
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Moments

Hello :) How is everyone? Did you have a good Father's day? I won't lie, I was way better at Father's day last year. I made Brian breakfast and a card (I think...). This year I wished him a Happy Father's day and that's about it. I was so tired that I didn't even attempt to make him breakfast, and while I had plans to make him a card, it never quite came to fruition. 

So there's that. Luckily he still loves me anyway ;)

Clearly, I have been hungry with some time on my hands. 

I took a walk in the rain on Tuesday. I've been trying to get out and exercise a little bit more. I haven't quite gotten back into running yet, but I've been trying to get a 30 minute walk in every day. 
I really enjoyed the quiet and the emptiness of the streets in the rain. It wasn't raining too hard, just slow and steady. I couldn't get over all the rain soaked flowers I passed on my way. Honestly, rain and flowers are two of my favorite things. 

On Saturday I had a few wonderful experiences. 

First, I went to the sealing of a friend. It was my first live sealing besides my own. It was so beautiful to see him and his wife and their sweet little baby sealed together for all eternity in the Draper temple. 

Then we went over to my Dad's for a Father's day BBQ and swimming. It was amazing how much fun we could jam into that little pool. I'm pretty pleased with how much swimming we've already done this summer. I've only been twice but I'm pretty sure that I've already gone more times than I did all of last summer. 

To Dos/Goals for this week:

-Return Library books
-Get new library books
-Have an Art Day with Heather
-Pack for St. George
-Get a Sub for Primary
-Write in my journal 3x
-Find a fun way to celebrate the summer solstice
-Send out some happy mail
-Make a list of Pinterest recipes to try this summer

Currently reading:

The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket

I am in need of some book suggestions guys! If you have any favorites, send them my way!

Something to take away:

"Let us practice many acts of kindness and gentle charity toward those we like the least."

-St. Francis de Sales

Thanks for reading! I feel so lucky to have you guys! How is your summer going?
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Father's Day Printable Roundup

Father's day is just a few days away. I'm never sure how these things creep up on me, even when I start thinking about them way in advance. 

I just wanted to start by saying that I'm very grateful for my dad. I feel like growing up is a lot of learning that no matter what you believed about your parents before, they did a pretty good job. They did the best they could with what they had. As a child, you never seem to grasp all that your parents do for you on a daily basis. All the behind the scenes work that goes into keeping you alive and happy and fed. 

Then you start doing them for yourself. You start taking care of others. There is so much more work than you thought, and just like your oblivious child-self, they don't seem to notice all the work and effort that you put in. 

I think of what it was like growing up with my dad. I spent a lot of time with him. More than my mom, mainly because she was taking care of my little sister who was a Momma's girl. So most of the time I spent time with him or with my older sister, or all three of us together. 

My dad has always been a hard worker. I don't remember many Saturdays that he spent sitting around. I remember him building and working on projects. I remember him heading off to work and coming home when the sun was going down. 

He always seemed to be everything that I wanted to be. He was smart. He was artistic. He was a hard worker. He took care of me. He was the one who I sat next to on road trips, and the one who took me on Indiana Jones with him when he got a second chance to go on it. He braided my hair and curled it (even when I would randomly go into shock from curling iron burns and had to lay on the floor). He taught me how to shoot hoops on the front driveway. He showed me how to pick up daddy long leg spiders and feed them to the fish in our pond.

He grew our garden. He helped us grow and learn. He was the only one who could help me with my math homework when I didn't understand it, patient with me when I made stupid mistakes so we were laughing about it rather than getting frustrated. He showed me what it was to be strong and brave and kind. 

I'm so grateful for him. Happy Father's day. 

The printable for this card didn't really work out the way that I hoped so I decided I'd find some other printables for you! In case you still need a card for Father's day.

6 Free Printable Modern Rustic Father's Day Cards by Lemon Thistle
Star Wars Father's Day Card by Girl Like the Sea
Father's Day Printables by Elegance and Enchantment

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Moments

Hey, everyone! How was your week? I had a pretty good one! It was my first week off of working at the elementary school (yay for summers off!).

So I've been working at the elementary school for 6 years and so all those summers off I have wasted A LOT of time. I always think, hey, I have the whole summer! I can do a ton of stuff!
Then I mostly just sit around and do nothing. 
Last summer I hit my groove around August (we go back like 3 weeks into August). I determined that this time I would NOT waste my summer. So I'm bullet journaling and working off a 52 minutes on, 17 minutes off schedule. I LOVE it. I've accomplished most of my tasks and I feel like I've been pretty productive, even with taking two days last week where I decided to do absolutely nothing but lay around and read and watch Netflix.

As you may recall, last week it was my sweet Captain's birthday. For his birthday we went to Tucanos for dinner and Wonder Woman! I highly recommend it. It was just my style! I don't recall any swearing, plus no sex scenes, plus girl power??? Perfect! Go see it!

One of the things I'm working on this summer is practicing my hand lettering. I made this for my sister (she hasn't got it yet...), because we're only 13 months apart she was my best friend for a good long time. 

Last night we celebrated the Captain's birthday with our families! Mine in person and his through Facebook video messenger. It was so fun to have them all participate together! Plus, we definitely couldn't have eaten this whole cake by ourselves. It was actually a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. If you want the recipe, just hit me up!

Currently reading:

The Miserable Mill By Lemony Snicket
Paradise Lost John Milton

To dos/Goals for the week:

  • Write 2 hours
  • Get passport
  • Go to my first live sealing (besides my own)
  • return library books
  • learn a new watercolor technique
  • Prepare primary lesson
  • Write in journal 5x
  • Exercise 30 minutes daily
  • Have a pool day
  • Go to dinner with Grandad

Something to take away:

"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success."

-Pablo Picasso

What are your plans or goals for this summer?

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to Get More Out of General Conference Talks + Two Free Printables!

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy reading conference talks. It's one of those things (like studying the scriptures) that I really like to do, but somehow it always seems to end up on my list of things I don't really feel like doing. You know?

I definitely haven't always loved reading conference talks or even watching conference. I was one of those kids that didn't pay much attention to what was going on on our TV screen and wished for it to be over. Or, better yet, barely listening to it on the radio while I was doing something that I actually wanted to do. Plus, we didn't have to get ready and go to church!

It wasn't until after my first EFY that I really started listening to the conference talks and trying to get something out of them. Then, in seminary, my teacher said something that I've never forgotten. He told us that the conference talks were our marching orders for the next six months. For some reason that really resonated with me. These weren't just people talking to us about things that would be "nice" for us to do, these were directions from God, just for us. I realized then, that if I took the conference talks seriously, then maybe we wouldn't hear the same things all the time, because we'd be acting on that direction and He could give us new ones...

Ever since then I've tried to read the conference talks pretty diligently. There have been times when I've only gotten through the talks once before conference came back again, but then I found the 40 days and 40 nights challenge

It starts pretty much right after General Conference is over and you go through the entire conference again, over 40 days and 40 nights. It got me into the habit of reading the conference talks every day, which is awesome because you can get through the talks 4 or 5 times before conference comes back again. 

Now, I realize that reading a conference talk every day sounds like a really tall order, and I'm not even suggesting that you do that.

What I am going to suggest, is that you read all the talks again right after General Conference is over. Once straight through (I've actually allowed for 6 talks a week for the first time through the talks, so if you miss a day, no sweat!) and then 2 a week before conference comes again.  That way you'll have been through all the talks at least twice before conference comes back! 

Here's my suggested order:

The dates are the day which you should be finished with reading each section. "All sessions" refers to the once through that you start with!

For each session, I'll do a post like this one with things that I've learned and a cheat sheet notes page for you. So even if you don't quite make it through reading two talks a week, you'll still get the highlights.

Along with each post, I'll try and have a printable with a quote or something awesome that I found from that conference. I'll also try and link any cool printables that I find from other bloggers, because while I like to think I'm talented there are also a TON of other talented people out there!

So jumping right in, I give you the women's session!

For all of the talks that I've studied so far I ask myself 4 things while I'm reading:

1. What stands out to me?

This generally helps me get good things for me out of the talk. I don't know if you have ever tried to listen to conference with a question in mind, but this question is usually what leads me to answers. This can help you to receive answers for your own individual circumstance.

2. What specific counsel are they giving me?

Are they asking me to serve more? To read my scriptures daily? To collect food storage? I write down anything they are asking me to do, then I ask myself whether or not I'm doing that thing. With all of conference, it can be hard to work on ALL of the things that they ask us to do. I recommend that you choose whichever one hit you the hardest and then work on that. Then if you feel like you've mastered it, you can move on to other things. No one expects you to work on everything all at once. Just work one step at a time.

3. Am I promised something for following this counsel?

Not all of the talks say what exactly will happen if you follow what they ask you to do, but some do and they give us some really cool promises. Especially if you really need something that they are promising, like peace for your home or your heart. 

4. What was the theme of this talk?

I like this one because it helps me to see the big picture. Especially if I see that a lot of talks are focusing on the same thing, then I know it's very important to pay attention to what they're asking of me. 

The talks from Women's Conference were:

Trust In the Lord and Lean Not By Bonnie H. Cordon
The Beauty of Holiness By Carol F. McConkie
Certain Women By Linda K. Burton
"My Peace I Leave With You" By President Henry B. Eyring

Themes of this conference:

Center on Christ
Trust in God
Power of Righteous Women
The Holy Ghost

Specific Counsel:

1. Feast on the Words of Christ
2. Pray (make it a habit)
3. Serve others/ Bear one another's burdens
4. Give time to Holiness
5. Keep our Covenants
6. Come to the Temple
7. In times of trial, remember "Certain Women"
8. Prepare to Partake of the Sacrament
9. Pray for Charity
10. Seek for the Holy Ghost

I really liked women's conference. I thought that it was very uplifting and hopeful. I don't usually enjoy women's conference much unless President Uchtdorf is speaking, but I loved the way that they focused on holiness and balancing our lives around Christ. I feel like sometimes in the church words get thrown around that we should be, but A) They feel like something that we can never attain and B) There doesn't seem to be clear direction on how to become those words. I loved how they talked about HOW to center ourselves on Christ and WHAT a holy woman is.

Click HERE for your Printable of the notes page
Click HERE for your printable of the Quote on Holiness

Thanks for reading! How do you study conference talks? What did you learn from the Women's session?

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Moments + A Letter to my Birthday Boy

Hey, everyone! Can you believe that we are already into June!? I can't! This year seems to have flown by. For real though. This is a special Monday for me because it is also the Captain's birthday today! I may end this post with a sappy note to him, just warning you ;)

This last week was actually pretty eventful! I'm looking forward to the long summer nights and adventures! In fact, we just booked our flights to Florida for later this summer!

We spent Mermorial  Memorial day poolside, a little swimming and a LOT of reading. It was perfect. Especially since I got to do it with my love and my best friends.

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with the Epic Scrambler burritos from Del Taco. Yes, I'm aware that they constitute more than half a day's calories, but I just don't care. As long as I don't eat them every day then it's ok, right?

So this was also on Thursday... clearly not the best day healthwise, but it was absolutely delicious! This is from the Baked Bear! I've been wanting to go and try them out since I saw that they were opening a location in the Fashion Place mall. Not that I'd ever had them before but all it takes is a quick peek at their Instagram to feel like you NEED to try it. 
Yes, I ate this with a fork. There's no way I could fit my mouth around that.
And pro tip, if you are going, it's not actually IN the mall. It's tucked away. The entrance is outside north side of the mall, hidden in that weird "U" space of a parking lot. Just so you know because the Captain and I wandered all around trying to find it.

This is my Momma. I was hanging out with her and we decided to set up her hammock. It was definitely a good decision. 

On Saturday we go hiking. So this last Saturday we decided to go hike at Antelope Island. I had never been there and the Captain had never been to the Great Salt Lake, despite having lived in Utah his whole life. Neither of us knew how far it was to Antelope Island but it was gorgeous! I swear none of these photos do it justice. Also, I took this on the road out to the island... stinkiest picture I have EVER taken. The good news is that once you make it to the island it's actually not bad!

We all thought this looked like Narnia. We took the Lakeside trail. 2.8 miles one way. Hot and beautiful. Although I was grateful for the breeze. It felt like we were hiking next to the ocean.

We saw lots of lizards on our trip! This little guy was nice enough to let me get REALLY close to take a picture before he scuttled away. I'm always amazed by the colors!

Lately, whenever we go to a wedding, I have to take a picture of the cake. Maybe because my own wedding cake was pretty plain-jane, but I just love to see how other people express themselves through their cake. I also loved that this wedding reception was outside!

To do list/Goals for the week:

-Find a summer job/look into freelance writing
-Write 2 hours
-Make this Brian's best birthday yet!
-Run 2xs
-Get my passport!
-Get lesson ready for Sunday

Currently Reading:

Anathem By Neal Stephenson
The Reptile Room By Lemony Snickett
Paradise Lost by John Milton

To my sweet Captain,

I am so grateful that we got married and that I get to spend your birthdays with you. As we both have struggled with enjoying our birthdays through the years, I hope that I can make them a day that you look forward to again. 

I am so glad that I have the chance to know you and to see your goodness. I know that you have a hard time seeing how good you are. Trust me when I say that you are a lot closer to being the man you want to be than you think you are. 

I am always amazed by your passion for helping others and your compassion. You are always kind and willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. You are always looking to help others who are in pain, even when you are in pain yourself. Pain which most of the time no one even knows that you have. 
I'll never understand how it took me nine years of knowing you and being friends with you to fall in love with you. You are so many of the things that I always wanted. I love your willingness to go to the temple with me and the way that you've fallen in love with it all over again. I love that you are always willing to give me a blessing, no matter when I ask or why I want it. I love the way you love your family and look after them. I love that you are active. I love that you support me in all of my dreams, especially when I'm feeling inadequate. I love that you love to cuddle as much as I do and that you're willing to slow down and do nothing with me. 

You have been my dream come true and my fairytale. Even with all the ups and downs, I know that we can get through them together.

Love you. All the bits.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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