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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How to Get More Out of General Conference Talks + Two Free Printables!

I don't know about you guys, but I really enjoy reading conference talks. It's one of those things (like studying the scriptures) that I really like to do, but somehow it always seems to end up on my list of things I don't really feel like doing. You know?

I definitely haven't always loved reading conference talks or even watching conference. I was one of those kids that didn't pay much attention to what was going on on our TV screen and wished for it to be over. Or, better yet, barely listening to it on the radio while I was doing something that I actually wanted to do. Plus, we didn't have to get ready and go to church!

It wasn't until after my first EFY that I really started listening to the conference talks and trying to get something out of them. Then, in seminary, my teacher said something that I've never forgotten. He told us that the conference talks were our marching orders for the next six months. For some reason that really resonated with me. These weren't just people talking to us about things that would be "nice" for us to do, these were directions from God, just for us. I realized then, that if I took the conference talks seriously, then maybe we wouldn't hear the same things all the time, because we'd be acting on that direction and He could give us new ones...

Ever since then I've tried to read the conference talks pretty diligently. There have been times when I've only gotten through the talks once before conference came back again, but then I found the 40 days and 40 nights challenge

It starts pretty much right after General Conference is over and you go through the entire conference again, over 40 days and 40 nights. It got me into the habit of reading the conference talks every day, which is awesome because you can get through the talks 4 or 5 times before conference comes back again. 

Now, I realize that reading a conference talk every day sounds like a really tall order, and I'm not even suggesting that you do that.

What I am going to suggest, is that you read all the talks again right after General Conference is over. Once straight through (I've actually allowed for 6 talks a week for the first time through the talks, so if you miss a day, no sweat!) and then 2 a week before conference comes again.  That way you'll have been through all the talks at least twice before conference comes back! 

Here's my suggested order:

The dates are the day which you should be finished with reading each section. "All sessions" refers to the once through that you start with!

For each session, I'll do a post like this one with things that I've learned and a cheat sheet notes page for you. So even if you don't quite make it through reading two talks a week, you'll still get the highlights.

Along with each post, I'll try and have a printable with a quote or something awesome that I found from that conference. I'll also try and link any cool printables that I find from other bloggers, because while I like to think I'm talented there are also a TON of other talented people out there!

So jumping right in, I give you the women's session!

For all of the talks that I've studied so far I ask myself 4 things while I'm reading:

1. What stands out to me?

This generally helps me get good things for me out of the talk. I don't know if you have ever tried to listen to conference with a question in mind, but this question is usually what leads me to answers. This can help you to receive answers for your own individual circumstance.

2. What specific counsel are they giving me?

Are they asking me to serve more? To read my scriptures daily? To collect food storage? I write down anything they are asking me to do, then I ask myself whether or not I'm doing that thing. With all of conference, it can be hard to work on ALL of the things that they ask us to do. I recommend that you choose whichever one hit you the hardest and then work on that. Then if you feel like you've mastered it, you can move on to other things. No one expects you to work on everything all at once. Just work one step at a time.

3. Am I promised something for following this counsel?

Not all of the talks say what exactly will happen if you follow what they ask you to do, but some do and they give us some really cool promises. Especially if you really need something that they are promising, like peace for your home or your heart. 

4. What was the theme of this talk?

I like this one because it helps me to see the big picture. Especially if I see that a lot of talks are focusing on the same thing, then I know it's very important to pay attention to what they're asking of me. 

The talks from Women's Conference were:

Trust In the Lord and Lean Not By Bonnie H. Cordon
The Beauty of Holiness By Carol F. McConkie
Certain Women By Linda K. Burton
"My Peace I Leave With You" By President Henry B. Eyring

Themes of this conference:

Center on Christ
Trust in God
Power of Righteous Women
The Holy Ghost

Specific Counsel:

1. Feast on the Words of Christ
2. Pray (make it a habit)
3. Serve others/ Bear one another's burdens
4. Give time to Holiness
5. Keep our Covenants
6. Come to the Temple
7. In times of trial, remember "Certain Women"
8. Prepare to Partake of the Sacrament
9. Pray for Charity
10. Seek for the Holy Ghost

I really liked women's conference. I thought that it was very uplifting and hopeful. I don't usually enjoy women's conference much unless President Uchtdorf is speaking, but I loved the way that they focused on holiness and balancing our lives around Christ. I feel like sometimes in the church words get thrown around that we should be, but A) They feel like something that we can never attain and B) There doesn't seem to be clear direction on how to become those words. I loved how they talked about HOW to center ourselves on Christ and WHAT a holy woman is.

Click HERE for your Printable of the notes page
Click HERE for your printable of the Quote on Holiness

Thanks for reading! How do you study conference talks? What did you learn from the Women's session?

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