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Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Moments

Hello :) How is everyone? Did you have a good Father's day? I won't lie, I was way better at Father's day last year. I made Brian breakfast and a card (I think...). This year I wished him a Happy Father's day and that's about it. I was so tired that I didn't even attempt to make him breakfast, and while I had plans to make him a card, it never quite came to fruition. 

So there's that. Luckily he still loves me anyway ;)

Clearly, I have been hungry with some time on my hands. 

I took a walk in the rain on Tuesday. I've been trying to get out and exercise a little bit more. I haven't quite gotten back into running yet, but I've been trying to get a 30 minute walk in every day. 
I really enjoyed the quiet and the emptiness of the streets in the rain. It wasn't raining too hard, just slow and steady. I couldn't get over all the rain soaked flowers I passed on my way. Honestly, rain and flowers are two of my favorite things. 

On Saturday I had a few wonderful experiences. 

First, I went to the sealing of a friend. It was my first live sealing besides my own. It was so beautiful to see him and his wife and their sweet little baby sealed together for all eternity in the Draper temple. 

Then we went over to my Dad's for a Father's day BBQ and swimming. It was amazing how much fun we could jam into that little pool. I'm pretty pleased with how much swimming we've already done this summer. I've only been twice but I'm pretty sure that I've already gone more times than I did all of last summer. 

To Dos/Goals for this week:

-Return Library books
-Get new library books
-Have an Art Day with Heather
-Pack for St. George
-Get a Sub for Primary
-Write in my journal 3x
-Find a fun way to celebrate the summer solstice
-Send out some happy mail
-Make a list of Pinterest recipes to try this summer

Currently reading:

The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket

I am in need of some book suggestions guys! If you have any favorites, send them my way!

Something to take away:

"Let us practice many acts of kindness and gentle charity toward those we like the least."

-St. Francis de Sales

Thanks for reading! I feel so lucky to have you guys! How is your summer going?
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