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Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Moments

Happy 24th of July, everyone! I always seem to forget that not everyone in the world, let alone the country celebrates the 24th and that it's just a Utah holiday. I asked some of Brian's family what they were doing for it, but they've moved away from Utah and so were doing nothing for it. Weird. 

I've been dutifully getting up at 6:45 AM since last Tuesday. I used to be an early riser all the time, but since I've been so tired since getting pregnant, I've slept in almost all summer. I decided that most likely I was milking the pregnancy excuse at this point and tell myself every morning, "You can have a nap later if you need one, but you have to get up right now." It's been wonderful because I can get my morning scripture study done and go out for a walk before it gets too hot outside.

This last week was filled with lots of cooking and baking, and I should note that I just started watching the Great British Baking Show on Netflix and that may have influenced things a bit.

I finally finished my scripture journal! I was so close for what seemed like forever, and so I finally got to use this one that I got for Christmas! I wasn't sure I would like the smaller size since I've been using midsize journals and notebooks for a few years now but I really like it! It's nice that it's so much smaller because if I don't have a lot to say about that particular day of study, then I haven't wasted such a large page, but there's still plenty of room and sometimes I can fill up two pages.

Brian and I try to go on a date every week, but planning them can be so difficult! This last week we decided on a picnic. Originally we had planned to go for lunch, but then things didn't quite work out with other things that Brian had to do that day so we moved it to dinner and it was perfect! We picked up Rumbi and drove out to Little Dell Reservoir. We had to pay to get in but it was so nice to sit at the picnic table and talk about what we wanted for our children and our family. Plus, it had cooled down quite a bit so it was pleasant to just sit and enjoy the view and the breeze off the lake. It was kind of crazy because we usually picnic down by this tree. The one in the picture that is now half submerged in water. 

To/dos and Goals for the week:

-Plan birthday celebrations
-Make two "For Real" meals
-Write in my journal
-Choose a new poem to study this week
-Run 2xs this week
-Send out some happy mail

Currently reading:

Steel Trapp: The Challenge By Ridley Pearson
The Tempest By William Shakespeare
Troubling a Star By Madeleine L'Engle

Something to Take Away:

"Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are."

-Markus Zusak

Thanks for reading! What are your goals for this week? What do you do for summer dates?

Also, I got through this whole post without Grammarly telling me I'd done something wrong! Yay!
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