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Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Letter for Everly

Pregnancy has been so stretching in so many ways. Although I don't have Everly in my arms yet, it has still been a new phase of life. I've decided that marriage is good preparation for becoming a parent. In both marriage and parenthood (or pregnancy), you know a little of what you're signing up for, but at the same time, there's so much that you have no idea about. Marriage is your first taste of signing up for something with no expiration date. You start something that you know you'll never finish and you know that's the point. 

I always wanted to be a mother. I remember from a young age wanting to be a babysitter. I remember making posters for it about the age of 8. I babysat through middle and high school (although, honestly, I didn't love it all the time). When I pictured my future, the main thing I saw was children. A family. A home together. Maybe because my own home was broken, I pictured what I wanted my life with my own family to be like. I made up my own happily ever after for my kids. In my dreams for the future, I knew they would involve a husband, of course, but more than I could picture him, I could picture my kids. I could see me with them; playing with them, taking them on adventures, helping them, teaching them to cook, loving them. 

Marrying Brian has been a dream come true. In so many ways it has been so much more than I ever really hoped for. Now, with this baby, another part of my dream is coming true. I have no doubt that it will come with its fair share of struggles. Marriage has come with struggles too. Although, the struggles don't take away from the joy of it. The bad times don't diminish those beautiful moments when things are just as you always dreamed they'd be. 

I am so excited to start this big adventure with Everly. I'm excited to show her all the wonderful books that became my friends when I was small. I'm excited to show her the wonder of the world. I'm excited to take her for walks and teach her about Santa Claus. I'm excited to dress her up in little dresses and take her to church. I'm excited to show her that no matter what she goes through, she has a choice in how she reacts, and that this life really was made for happiness. I'm excited to show her a good marriage and what happily ever looks like, authentic and real and full of love. 
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