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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Everly | Third Trimester

We're almost there. Time is going faster, and with tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I wanted to write out this post about how grateful I am. Brian and I were talking the other day about how everyone is lucky in something and for me, I think I've been pretty lucky to have the body that I have. It has been so good to me with good health and a good weight and liking healthy food, and now with growing us a baby.

I have always been the person who thought, why wouldn't that happen to me? For example, before I got married, I thought I might never get married. Not because I didn't want to or I thought that no one could love me, but because sometimes that happens, even to the best people. I thought, why wouldn't I be the person that happened to? Not in a really cynical way, but in a "Plan for the worst, hope for the best" kind of way. Then I got married and when we decided to start trying to have a baby I fully expected it to be a bumpy road. I expected to wait a long time before we were able to get pregnant. Imagine my surprise when we got pregnant after only a month! After that, I thought that I would probably miscarry. I worried all the time about it. I was constantly checking for spotting and doing all the little things that they tell you to do so that you don't miscarry. After all, my mother had 4 miscarriages, why wouldn't I miscarry? But the baby kept growing, and even though I had to take a pregnancy test the morning before my first OBGYN appointment to convince myself that I was still pregnant, she stayed in there. I thought that I'd have horrible morning sickness, but it never seemed to hit. Everything has gone so smoothly, and I know that it's not on me that they have. I've been incredibly lucky and I feel so blessed. There are so many things that can go wrong when you're growing a baby that it has really hit home to me what a miracle it is that any of us are here. 

I have so much to be grateful for. I hope that anyone reading this takes a minute to look at the things you're grateful for. In spite of whatever you're struggling with, I hope that you can see the things that you're lucky in.

For me, I've been struggling with keeping up with all the baby things I need to worry about. I get overwhelmed thinking about what I need to pack in my hospital bag, or the things we need to buy her before she's born, or the fact that I need to buy nursing bras and I have no idea how to pick one out, or whether I want a rocker or a recliner or where we would even put that. There are so many new things to worry about and all of them seem to cost money. It's been a struggle and sometimes I have to put all those things to the side and think about something else. 
I'm glad that these struggles are hitting this time of year though, with the chance to look at all I'm grateful for and put things in perspective. I'm grateful for all the things that we already have that I don't have to worry about. 

I'm grateful for all of you for reading. It really does mean so much to me that I can share these things and that people actually read them. I hope that they do a little to brighten your day or just make you feel inspired or less alone. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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