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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Monthly Moments | November

Well, November flew by! I swear the longer I've been pregnant, the faster time has gone. Lately, I've been very contemplative, thinking about the coming year and everything that it will hold for us. Part of me doesn't want to make any goals or plan anything because I have no idea how I will adjust to motherhood. The other part of me is all excited to start this new chapter and has huge goals and dreams for what I want to do and who I want to be. 

In fact, though I think I will make some goals (I'm sure I'll share them here!), the main thing I want to focus on in the coming year is who I want to be at the end of it. I feel like I've grown a lot this year and it gives me a lot of hope for what I can accomplish this next year.

I'm also looking forward to Christmas! Already we're making plans with so many people for the month of December, but I also hope that we have a few days just to ourselves where we can enjoy the season and spend some time with just us.

This Month:

-Brian and I went on an anniversary trip to Logan's Anniversary Inn. We absolutely loved it! It was so fun to show Brian around my old stomping grounds and where I used to live. We even managed to spend some time in the temple. 

-We had our first baby shower. It blew me away that so many people showed up to support me and Brian and this new little one that we haven't met yet.

-I spent over an hour standing outside in the cold with strangers to get a Fawn Design bag at half price. It was the first time I've done something like that, but it was worth the experience if nothing else. I really wanted one of their bags but it seemed a little (a lot) too steep to spend 160$ on a diaper bag. Especially when babies need so many things. The warehouse sale came at the perfect time! I was able to work and then go straight there afterward when the line was still pretty short.

-Brian and I have been trying new recipes and I love it! Cooking something new isn't something I could do every day, but I have loved incorporating new recipes into our lives and making them together.

-Brian and I went to our very first birth class a few days ago. It was fun to see so many other couples about to have their first babies around the same time we are. It made me feel better and worse about labor, that has been the scariest part of pregnancy for me, but going to the class also made me feel so grateful that I'll have Brian there to help me through it.

Goals and To-dos:

-Check some things off my Winter Bucket list
-Write in my journal more
-Write Everly some letters
-At least finish making a list of the things we still need for Everly
-Plan blog posts for January
-Make homemade toffee
-Go to the Festival of Trees
-Buy Christmas presents more than a week before Christmas (I am the worst at Christmas. And birthdays...)
-Exercise 3xs a week
-Eat less sugar 

Read this Month:

The Christmas Box Miracle By Richard Paul Evans
A Familiar Ring By R.K. Terry
Wonder By Raquel J. Palacio
Tuck Everlasting By Natalie Babbitt

Something to Take Away:

"Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. 
Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

-Denis Waitley

Thank you all for reading! I hope that you've had a wonderful November and are looking forward to the Christmas Season! Christmas is actually one of my favorite times of the year, minus Christmas day. Maybe weird, but I love the season way more than I love Christmas. 

What are you looking forward to?

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