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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Monthly Moments | January 2018

Well, my due date has come and gone and I'm still pregnant! Although, who knows, maybe by the time this post goes out we'll have our little girl :)

Brian is hoping that she is born tomorrow (Jan. 31, I'm writing this on Jan. 30) so that we can say that she was born under the Super Blue Blood Moon. Although, I honestly feel like phenomena like this seem to happen every other week now. Even so... it could be cool!

This month seemed to go by really quickly and yet it didn't seem like a whole lot happened!

-We celebrated the New Year with our traditional fondue party. That's all three top pictures. It's one of my favorite traditions that two of my best friends and I started a few years after high school. Unfortunately one of them no longer lives in the state and so we had to do it without him.

-I bought the Modern Florals book for myself with Christmas money and I've loved learning to draw flowers so far! I plan on practicing a different creative habit every week. This week is watercolor. Hopefully, I can still keep this up a bit after the baby is born.

-I got this Nib and Ink book for Christmas and I've loved starting to work with actual nibs and ink instead of just doing hand-lettering. 

-Recently re-obsessed with egg sandwiches. I kind of go through phases with food, we call them feast and famine times. I can't get enough of something, then I don't want it for a really long time. Poor Brian has had to deal with this to the point where he often thinks I don't actually like something anymore because I shoot it down every time he suggests it (like quinoa), but really I'm usually just in a famine time. 

-We had our Version at 37 weeks and it was successful! I really didn't think that they were going to be able to turn the baby. In fact, I almost didn't even try. Partially because I heard that it hurts worse than child labor and if it wasn't even going to work then I'd rather skip the unnecessary pain. While I've never been through childbirth, I would say that it wasn't as bad as what I imagine childbirth to be like. I did take the pain medication they offered and it was not a fun experience, but it was definitely worth it. This picture was the last letter I wrote to Everly before we tried to turn her. 

-This last bump picture is from 38 weeks. 

Current Goals/To-Dos:

Let's be real, my only real goal for February is to survive my first month of motherhood. :) Hopefully, record some of it in journals and pictures, but mainly just focus on being a mom.

Currently Reading:

Oathbringer By Brandon Sanderson

Something to take away:

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."

-Albert Einstein

Oh, and for your viewing pleasure...

From 4 weeks to 38 weeks pregnant :)

Hopefully, the next picture is with a baby in it!

Thanks for reading! I hope you've all had a fantastic January! Are you looking forward to February?

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