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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Would it STILL be worth it?

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Right now Brian is outside trying to put our car seat in the car so that whenever little miss Everly decides to make her debut they will actually let us take her home. I was sitting inside, scrolling through social media and thinking about how it affects me.

I've always been someone who has tried to use social media as a resource rather than entertainment. I held off on getting Pinterest for a year or two because I was afraid that I would just use it as entertainment. I wanted to be intentional about it. I took Facebook off of my phone last year because I didn't feel like it was adding to my life. I'm admittedly in love with Instagram and use it more than any other social media outlet. And yes, sometimes I use all three of the above as time wasters and as entertainment.

This year I have really tried to take a step back and look at what they are doing for me. Questioning whether or not they really have a good purpose in my life. I found myself placing so much of my personal happiness on the number of followers I did or did not have, or the number of likes a post got. It wasn't who I wanted to be. I asked myself, if I were able to have the life that I dream of having, with travel and good food and solid deep relationships (Relationships is my word for the year by the way) and an amazing marriage and NO ONE knew about it but me and the people directly involved, would it make it worth any less? Was the value of those things in the fact that other people would admire me for them or in the things themselves? I'll admit to feeling just a little sad thinking about no one admiring me for all these amazing pieces of life that I hope to cultivate, but ultimately, the things I really want... those deep relationships, they would mean so much more to me than the "attention" of several thousand anonymous followers. I still want to share things, but I want the focus to be less on me. I want to teach myself to care more about how I'm helping people, making them feel like they matter and that they can achieve their dreams, rather than what them knowing about my life can do for me. 

So I've spent less time on all social media. I've tried to get back to the root of what they can do for me. Trying to use them as a tool and really connect with people rather than just scrolling through and liking pretty pictures. I've especially tried to make sure to put the people around me before social media. This means that if Brian wants to show me something and I just started scrolling through instagram, I put the phone down and listen or look or do whatever I need to do to give him my full attention, instead of being sad or annoyed that I would lose my place and miss out on things I would have potentially wanted to see. It isn't always easy and I swear that I can be staring off into space doing nothing and the minute I decide to look at social media, that's when someone wants my attention, but ultimately, those people mean so much more to me than the time I could be spending on social media.

Now I'm not saying that social media is bad. I have been so inspired by so many people, from bloggers, to photographers, to chefs, all sharing little pieces of their lives that help me become more who I want to be. I just want to remember where social media comes in on the list of things that are important in my life. People are the most important, and I hope that I never forget that.

Thank you so much for reading! 
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