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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Everly's Newborn Photos

We are 7 weeks in.

I am so in love with this little love. I've been so surprised to find how much I love being a mother. I loved babysitting as a child, but when I got into high school it just didn't seem as much fun. It never seemed worth the money and I was always counting down the hours until their parents came home, yet with Everly, I don't like to leave her. Brian has been an angel and once a week he watches her for the night so that I can get out for a few hours and get a mental break from being mom 24/7. As much as I need that break (and I do need that break) I still miss her when I go. 

She's a good baby. I do feel like we've been spoiled with her since she was born. We've gotten a fair amount of sleep since we work together with her at night. Brian takes her after 8 or 9 until about midnight and then after that, I take her. 

That being said, we definitely are still figuring out how to be parents. I wish that babies came with a little indicator light when something is really wrong. I was telling my mom the other day that when I was pregnant I was looking forward to when she was born mainly so I could worry less. I was always worrying that she wasn't doing ok inside me, so I thought that once she was born and I could see her then it would be better and I could more easily know that she was ok...
Not true. 
I have a whole new list of worries. Is she eating enough? Is she getting a good routine in to learn how to fall asleep on her own? Is that a rash? Do I need to call the pediatrician about that? Is that a normal diaper? 

So far I've called the pediatrician once. I've cut dairy out of my diet since she was having a lot of green diapers. I've had Brian give her a priesthood blessing once (since we got out of the hospital) because I was so worried about this rash she was getting on her face... 

Being a mother is hard in a lot of ways. It definitely takes a village and as someone on Instagram said, it doesn't just take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise a mother. I've definitely felt that. I'm grateful that I've had so much support and that my recovery (minus my pelvis, which is still healing) has been so easy. My doctor even said that between my easy pregnancy, my recovery from birth, and my quick weight loss I was made to have babies and said I could have 8 babies if I wanted (I do not want 8 babies), but it's encouraging that the thing that I've always wanted to do has gone so well. 

I'm looking forward to her babbling more and staying awake for longer periods in the day. I'm especially looking forward to when she regularly sleeps through the night (she slept a 7-hour stretch last week! She also usually sleeps 5 hours straight at night for the first bit then every few hours after that) although I have no idea how breastfeeding mothers ever sleep through the night, SO uncomfortable. If you have any tips on that, let me know ha ha. 

I'm not looking forward to putting away more of her tiny clothes. I've already had to put away a few of her newborn things. I love that she is so small, even though she needs me so much right now. I hope that she always remembers that we love her unconditionally. Even now when she doesn't do much more than eat, sleep, and poop, we couldn't love her more. 

I'm looking forward to more of these motherhood days. 

Thanks for reading! I'm so glad that I can share my sweet little love with you all! :) 

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