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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

General Conference Spring 2018

This coming weekend is special for several reasons.

The first being General Conference. General Conference is our opportunity twice a year to listen to our leaders and the Prophet speak to us. It's a chance for us to receive personal revelation for our own lives. It's amazing to me the way that all the talks tend to weave together into themes even though their topics are not assigned. It's also amazing to me the way that I get inspiration for what I need to be focused on in my own life.

Sometimes I go into Conference with questions that I would like answered. Usually, I'm wondering what I should do for my life, or what I should be working on. This last conference I don't remember going into it with any specific questions, but I felt like I was told over and over again that I needed to stop focusing on temporal things. I was pregnant with Everly and I kept looking at all the things that I wanted that I didn't have. General Conference helped me recenter my life on what is most important, not things, but my family and the people that I love around me. I love that I have that chance to re-choose what I really want every Spring and Fall. It's like a more intense version of church on Sundays. Each week I have the chance to recenter, but Conference always seems to take it a step further.

Another beautiful thing about this weekend is that it's also Easter. I love that I am going to get the chance to spend this whole weekend with my family, focusing on what Easter is really about. In our church, we focus on the resurrection of Christ more than the crucifixion. This year is even more meaningful for me because now I have Everly. I love the promise that we will be resurrected and that we can be together for eternity. I can't imagine being separated from her for any great length of time. I can't imagine anything more beautiful than knowing that through the Savior, I can be with her for all time. 

This weekend is a reminder of all the beautiful things and hope in life. I'm excited to see what the spirit can teach me as I listen to conference. I'm excited for the chance to sustain a new prophet. And I'm so grateful to know that Heavenly Father loves me enough to provide this opportunity for me.

Below I've created a simple printable for you to use during General Conference. Even if you don't print it, I encourage you to think about the questions on it!

Click Here to print

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