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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wraps VS Slings

Let me start this off by saying that I love both wraps and slings. I feel like they both have their pros and cons (and honestly the cons are a pretty short list).

I think that babywearing is fantastic for a lot of reasons. Some of the ones I've heard are that it promotes bonding, that it helps with your baby's digestion because it massages their stomach as you wear them, you're able to get things done because you're not holding the baby, and you can even breastfeed in both a wrap or a sling.

I hadn't really heard much about babywearing before I had Everly, the only one that I had seen was a wrap. I put one on my baby registry and actually ended up buying the same one anyways because it was taking weeks and weeks to get to me, but it was one of the best baby purchases that I have ever made.

Here are the pros of babywearing in either the wrap or the sling:

  • Highly portable (I almost always have one in my diaper bag or in our car)
  • Quickly Soothe a baby 
  • About as close as you can get to actually being pregnant again 
  • Much more comfortable than just holding your baby (cannot tell you how many times they've saved my back when Everly was being fussy and wouldn't let me put her down)
  • You can breastfeed in either Wrap or sling
  • Promotes correct hip development
I have absolutely loved babywearing. I honestly think that you should be given a wrap or a sling when you take your baby home from the hospital. Not only is it easy to carry your baby, but it's WAY easier than managing a stroller. If you've read my birth story you know that I couldn't really walk well for about a month after I had my baby. At the time we lived on the third floor of an apartment building. If it was between getting the baby and a stroller down three flights of stairs or staying home, my only choice was mainly staying home. Once I got my wrap I was able to go for walks to the park and around the neighborhood because I could easily put her in it and get down the stairs. 
I also love that you or your partner (or even grandparents) can use a wrap or sling. Seeing my husband carrying Everly in our wrap was enough to about explode my heart and make me want a million babies.

Wrap VS. Sling

I like both, but I like them for different reasons.

-Simple to get into 
-More comfortable for ME as the wearer over long periods of time
-You can easily wear a diaper bag while wearing a wrap

-Simple to get into (quicker than the wrap for me)
-More comfortable for my baby

I feel like I should explain a little. Everly seems to like the sling better, which was totally unexpected for me. I've had a wrap for most of her life and only recently got a sling. Sometimes when I put her in the wrap she squirms and wants out, even when everything is well adjusted and supported in the correct way. That's not to say she doesn't like the wrap, but the first time I put her in the sling she immediately relaxed against me and hunkered down. It seemed like she didn't want to get out of the sling, ever. For me, it's easier for me to get into a sling quickly if she's upset and wants to be held. Every time I put her in the sling she seems happy and relaxed.

I feel like the sling is a little bit more trendy and it's a little less comfortable for me. Although I will say that both wrap and sling have a bit of a learning curve! Now that I've practiced a little more with the sling it has gotten more comfortable. I feel like there are little nuances with getting the fit right on a sling, where a wrap is pretty straight forward and easy to get a good fit. I would recommend that if you choose a sling that you switch off which shoulder you sling on so that you don't strain one side of your body. 

I've really been trying lately to be conscious of where my purchases come from. If possible I try to support local businesses or places where things are ethically made or that the company donates to someone else. In the spirit of that, I'd like to recommend a few local (to Utah) or small ethically made companies for slings and wraps. They are definitely pricier than something you could buy at Target or off of Amazon, but for me, the higher price is worth it! Even if that means that I have to wait until I can afford something :) Shop the sales my friends, shop the sales.


Poppet Slings
Love Sakura Bloom


Solly Baby

Have you used a wrap or a sling? Which do you like better? Why?
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