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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | July-September

This year saw me
a mother
a wife
a new creature
will see me something new

We are almost to a whole year! The years truly are short. I thought that I’d sum up a few months and get us right on track to put out poems of motherhood that are more current. Maybe once a month? Quarterly? You guys let me know what you think.


We offer up our bodies
to motherhood
letting it take our slim waists
our time
as we grow a tiny human inside us

then we place everything else
on the altar of motherhood
our freedom
tying ourselves down 
to the wants and needs of 
the same baby that ripped its way out of us

the pain,
the loss of time, 
the radical change that leaks into every facet of life
gave me more than it ever took


This one is for all the mothers
who never got to decorate a nursery
who sit with empty cradles and empty arms
for those who ache when they see happy mothers
with brand new babies on their chests.
for those who put away the baby clothes for the last time
for those who never got to open them in the first place
this one is for all the mothers at heart
different shapes and sizes
ages and situations
but mothers,
just the same


You’ve awoken the lion in me
pulling her whiskers with your tiny fingers

she stands between you and the world now
you won’t understand why she stands to the side
lets the world knock you down
lets you jump into rivers that almost take you alive
then balks at a puddle
protects you from the wind


My hair is magic 
for you
it swings
you fiddle with the ends 
plunge your hands in and knot them tight
you hold onto it when you nurse
rub your eyes with it when you’re tired
put fistfuls in your mouth when you’re on my hip

I imagine it smells like home for you

so I’m not sure I can bear to cut it
not when magic will be harder and harder to find
as you grow
I made the hair
I made you
so it must be like it’s a part of you
as much as
it’s a part of me


You are 6 of the 7 dwarves
Happy, most of the time
Occasionally Sneezy (usually at least twice)
Dopey, Grumpy, and Sleepy are like conjoined triplets
popping out of you at the same time
most charmingly, you are Bashful
smiling and looking away


Today I witnessed Motherhood
the old kind
past the newborn glow
the joy of watching new discoveries
past toddlerhood and childhood
past teenage years

I witnessed the love of a mother
whose baby had outgrown her arms
who could walk and talk and drive and live alone her own
but who still needed to snuggle up to her chest
know that feeling was Home. 


Last night you woke up
crying out
I could have sworn you said “mom”
it seemed like you had a nightmare
I pulled you out of your crib
let the heat of my skin lull you back to comfort
back to sleep
it means so much to me
to be the lullaby 
without saying a word

And apparently, I didn’t write many poems in September. Or any really. Which makes me kind of sad, but it is what it is. I journaled. So there’s that. Anyway, thanks for reading!
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Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year Resolutions 2019 | First Quarter Goals

There is something that is so hopeful about looking at the New Year as an opportunity to make some changes and to step closer to being the person that I want to be. I start thinking about New Year's goals long before the New Year hits. This coming year though, I thought I would try something a little bit different. Instead of choosing one word for the entire year, or making goals for the whole year, I thought I would break it down into quarters. A year is a long time and it can be intimidating to think that I have to do something for a whole year (even though the year tends to fly by these days). It’s much easier for me to think about doing something just for today, or just for a week, or month. So by breaking it down into quarters, I thought that I could more easily focus in on a few things, work on perfecting those through 3 months and then reassess and make new goals.

So, while I’ve tentatively chosen 4 words and goals for at least the first quarter, I’m only going to tell you the first set, in case I need to adjust when the next quarter hits. So if you too are someone who gets intimidated, or overwhelmed thinking that you have to commit to doing something for 365 days, think about maybe breaking things down a little bit.

Quarter 1: Connection

I chose the word connection because I think that connection is something that we are all really looking for in life. What I really want is to connect with those I love and make them feel like they are important and valuable to me. I want to create and nurture real lasting connections, not just the “junk food” connections. When I say junk food connections, I mean things like spending time with my daughter, but looking at my phone, or caring more about likes and comments than I do the things that people who actually know me say to me. I want to take the connections that I already have made and make more them deep and fulfilling. So, in an effort to connect here are my goals for January through March.

-Go on a hot cocoa date
-Consistent date night weekly and a weekly couple council
-Go on a winter walk
-Make snow angels with Everly and Brian
-Write 20 days out of the month
-Participate in Incowrimo (that said, if you want to be my BFF, put your name and address here and I’ll send you a handwritten letter. Possibly in the month of February, but maybe after if a lot of people sign up :) )
-3 temple visits
-Make dinner for someone once a month
-Prayer Journal
-Book Club
-One new capsule piece
-Journal 5 times a week
-2-4 blog posts a month
-Blog Newsletter
-2019 Dawn Nicole Lettering Challenge
-One dinner party
-Plan my “night out”

Each of the goals that I chose focuses on connecting with someone, whether that be family, friends, my God, or myself. Honestly, blogging is as much for me as it is for those who read it. I love to talk to people who read my blog, partially because it makes me feel like I’m making some kind of difference, but mainly because blogging is a form of connection for me. 

I’d love to hear what goals you have for the next month, the next week, or the next year! I’d especially love to hear if you have chosen a word to focus on. Drop them in the comments or send me an email! I’ll send a little something to a random commenter :)

Also, if you want to read/hear more about New Year's Resolutions, here are some of my favorite blog posts and podcasts about making New Year's Resolutions this year.

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