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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Ways to Watch Less TV

This year I've been trying to work on connection. I wanted to consciously connect to the people around me and make sure that they were the real priority in my life. One of the ways that I've worked on this is cutting down on the TV that I watch. It's an easy out for me from connecting fully the present and being creative enough to think of something else to do. While there have still been a few days where the TV has been on almost constantly, I feel like I've done so much better. That being said I thought that I would share a few tips and tricks to help cut down on your TV consumption if you're looking to connect more as well.

1. Make a To-Do List
This may seem obvious or silly, but for me, if I don't have written down somewhere something that I should be doing it's easy for me to go into auto-pilot and turn on the TV. Every morning I try to think of the day and what I want to accomplish/what my day would ideally look like. I use both my planner and my phone to make a loose schedule for my day (nothing gets me to shut down faster than to pin myself down too tightly to a schedule).
I recommend the app SWIPES for to-do lists because it's easy, free, and you literally get to swipe things off your list, which is pretty satisfying.

2. Block out a certain time where you aren't allowed to watch TV
For me, I block out the morning. If I can get through the morning without watching TV then I'm MUCH more likely to skip it in the afternoon. Then, if I decide to watch TV in the afternoon, I haven't spent my whole day watching and since I'm naturally more productive in the morning, usually my to-do list is already done!

3. Find Podcasts or Radio stations that you like to listen to
Listening to Podcasts this year has been a game changer for me. I never really got what the hype was about and never found the time to listen. However, sitting in total silence while I play with Everly is actually more distracting to me at times than listening to something. It feels *too* quiet and somehow lonely, even though I know I'm not alone. Listening to someone talk helps me feel like it's more than just me.
Personal favorites at the moment include: What We Said and Dear Hank and John

4. Try to get outside every day
This is something that isn't always possible, due to weather (my rule is that if it's above freezing, we go out for a walk; if it's below freezing, we stay inside). However, when we do go out, it always makes me feel more like doing "real" things other than watching TV. Being outside helps me feel like I'm making memories and connecting not only to my family but also to nature. I'm really looking forward to spring and hiking, we just need to get a decent carrier for Everly.

All of these combined together have worked really well for me. Plus, watching less actually makes me enjoy it more when I do sit down to watch because I feel more at ease with myself and what I've done with my time.
How do you cut down on your TV? What are your favorite Podcasts? I'm always looking for new good ones!

Thanks for reading!

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