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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Waiting Spaces

Recently I was reading an Instagram post by Sadie Banks. If you don’t know her or follow her, she often writes about infertility. In the specific post I read she mentioned waiting spaces and I went from feeling like I couldn’t really relate to her to knowing exactly what she meant. Waiting spaces are something that we can’t get around or really control. I remember when I was waiting to get married. I’d been in waiting spaces before, but it wasn’t until Brian and I had decided that we wanted to get married, but couldn’t get married, that I really understood the struggle of being in a waiting space. I often compared our inability to get married to being infertile. We’d only dated for about two months when we decided we wanted to get married, but we didn’t get engaged until 5 months later. I remember watching friends who met their significant other after Brian and I had already decided to get married get engaged before we did. Engaged and MARRIED before we got engaged. It was so painful for me to watch that. Specifically, I remember coming home from a bridal shower for a good friend while we still weren’t engaged and just crying. I thought that would be that last waiting space that I would ever have to struggle through because I thought that once we were married I would just be so grateful that we were finally together and sealed forever that it wouldn’t be so hard to wait for babies or for whatever else we might need to wait through.

I was wrong. We’ve been through some waiting spaces since we got married. Waiting to get jobs. Waiting for a house. Waiting for a baby. None of those waiting spaces have been as painful as waiting to get married, but the sting of them hasn’t been lessened by the fact that I had to struggle through a waiting space before. I am in a waiting space right now. We’ve been planning to buy a house for more than half a year now and planning to live in my Mom’s house for six months while we looked and paid off some debt. Well, six months have passed and we’re still here!

Waiting spaces are going to be in each of our lives. We have no control over when they might crop up or how long we’re going to be in them. We need to live through the waiting spaces, instead of just wishing and waiting for them to be over. Here are some things that help me through waiting spaces.

  1. Make goals that are unrelated to whatever you’re waiting for. Instead of saying, I’ll do this if I get what I want, or if I don’t get it by the time I wanted it, just do it. Waiting could mean days or weeks or months or years. Keep Moving Forward no matter what you are waiting for.
  2. Lean on your support system. Whether that be your friends, your family, your spouse, your significant other, or your God. I feel like the hardest part of waiting spaces for me have been when I withdraw into myself and don’t share what I was feeling. The secrecy of it always seems to make it worse.
  3. Serve others. I’m not saying that you should push down your feelings and just pretend that everything is ok so that you can serve others, but I often find that serving others helps me move through my feelings rather than sitting in them.

Keep moving forward. You’ve got this.

What has helped you get through waiting spaces?

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