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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | January


You fell asleep nursing
I could tell
by your breathing
the way your weight felt in my arms
by your latch
I held you a few minutes longer
let you rest with me


you walked
rejecting my hands for help
you wanted to do it along
so I followed
watched you test your skills
watched you grow up in 10 steps


you were tired
so tired
I could hear it in the way you cried
so I gave you a bottle
but it was the tiny tidepool of tears
gathered in your ear
that broke my heart


We went to church
you showed off your new walking skills
running into my arms
crinkled nose
big grin
I scooped you up
sealing the memory
of tiny arms
around my neck


I went through your poems
remembering when you were smaller
when you fit in the sink
it goes like sand
like water
then it's gone


We're drawing to our close now
the baby stage almost over
you'll never remember it
but I will
I'll always cherish you
no matter how big
or small


One year ago
your due date
one year ago 
you were just a dream
about to burst into reality
one year ago


We looked back
at the tiny moments
that made up your first year
your beginning
broken up into small pieces
have made a beautiful whole.

I've been writing these in my one-line a day journal and I've really enjoyed it. It helps me to remember to write the moments down every day and not over think it. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you all enjoyed them! :)

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