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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Love Journal Challenge

Ever since before we got married, Brian has been writing little books for me. He gets a notebook and every day he writes me a little letter about what I did that day to make him (or sometimes other people) feel loved. It's been a sweet little tradition and it's always fun when he finishes a book and I get to read it. Honestly, it makes me feel a little like an impostor sometimes. I certainly don't see myself as the woman that he describes on those pages. However, the last time I was reading them it occurred to me that they are a great way for me to know how to help Brian feel loved. It's really interesting to see the little things that he picks out of the day that I don't think about. Usually, it isn't anything that I've gone out of my way to make happen. It has helped me to feel like I am doing a good job, even when I'm not trying, but also to make sure that those little things that make him feel loved ARE happening. 

With that in mind, I wanted to challenge all the couples who read this to try it for a week. Both of you write down at least one thing every day that your spouse did to make you feel loved. Then at the end of the week, give the list to your spouse. Not only will this help your spouse know what helps you feel loved, but it will force you to look at what your spouse is doing to make you feel loved. Sometimes we get caught up thinking about ourselves and it's easy to lose appreciation for your spouse and all that they do for you. If you like the challenge, maybe you can do it quarterly :) (Or, more often if you're ambitious!) I'd love to hear how it goes!
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