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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Florida Trip | Moments and Things I Learned

If you follow me on Instagram then you know that we went to Florida for the last week and a half, a trip that I was kind of dreading... the reasons being that it was a lot of travel with a toddler who had recently decided that throwing up in the car was a fun thing to do on long car rides (think anything over 20-30 minutes). I do not handle that sort of thing well, so while she handled flying great the last few times, I was concerned that this time we wouldn't be so lucky, particularly we wouldn't be lucky on the car trips to and from Marco Island where we would be staying in a condo for 5 days. That was my biggest concern, but there were lots of little things that I was worried about along with it. I was worried about staying connected to my husband while we traveled (something that's hard when we're visiting his family and especially since we had a baby and have to share a room with her). I made all sorts of plans on how I was going to make sure that I stayed mentally ok for this trip. I made a vacations affirmations list (which I forgot about as soon as I wrote it). I planned to study my scriptures daily and pray daily. I planned to work out daily or at least most of the days on the trip. I planned to write in my journal. I succeeded in writing in my journal, but that was about it. The good news is that Everly handled all the travel as well as could be expected. She never threw up in the car, and she was pretty happy most of the time even when she was off her schedule and missing sleep! It turned out to be a really fun trip and while I did still have a few days here and there that were difficult (hello, Mother's day), I feel like I learned to better communicate with Brian about what we do on vacation. Not a lot of what actually happened changed (other than I got to sleep in a few times! Hooray!), but I felt like it wasn't just assumed that I would be there to take Everly. We worked together on deciding who stayed behind with her when she was napping or down for the night. 

One of the really cool things that we got to do while we were there was go through the temple with Brian's little brother. He's the youngest so it was the first time that all the siblings were in the temple together. It was really cool to see that come together and I know that it meant so much to Brian's mom that we were all there. It's something that I hope for our children someday, but also something that I recognize that I might not get. My mother certainly didn't get it. It's a rare thing and it really was a blessing to witness it.

This picture is kind of deceiving because Everly really didn't love the ocean. She only loved it in someone's arms, but the waves kind of terrified her. Not that I blame her. I'm not a play in the big waves kind of girl. I like when its calm and smooth.

One of the days Brian and his family went out on a pontoon boat. I was too worried about the drive over and how it would mess with Everly's schedule so we stayed behind. I ended up loving having that little alone time with her. We played on the beach, went for a walk, and got her down for her nap right on time. Again, Everly didn't love the sand, would only stand on our mat or walk around after I put her shoes on her.

On nearly the last day of the trip I asked Brian to start taking pictures of me and Everly. It's somethign that I do often without thinking for him, but not something that happens a lot for me. Honestly, I had been hoping that he would just want to take pictures of me, but I'm so glad that I spoke up and asked because he got some really cute ones. Ones I wouldn't have had otherwise. One of the things that this trip taught me was to really ask for what I want and need. To not be afraid to tell what I want, because if I don't ask, I'm not going to get it. Case in point, Mother's day was hard for me. We traveled for half the day and the other half of the day was spent getting ready for the trip. I had been hoping and thinking that Brian would take Everly for me when she woke up so that I could sleep in, or that he would make me breakfast. I asked him the next day why he didn't do those things, he said, "Oh, that would have been a nice thing to do." He would have happily done those things for me, but I didn't ask him for them, so he didn't do them. More often than not, the people around me would be more than happy to help me out or to do something for me, but they're not mind readers. Communication is something I swear that I never stop learning to be better at. 

The flight home was rough. I swear it was the longest flight of my life. (It actually might have been, since we went a longer route to avoid some bad weather). But we made it. We made it home! I'm so happy to be back.

Things that made this trip easier for me:

-Gathre mat (seriously, they're worth the hype)
-Aloha Collection Beach Tote (folds down to nothing and carried everything that I needed)
-Coco and Kiwi Diaper changing kit (Everly actually loves to play with the mat and it was great to make the bed into a makeshift changing table)
-GoGo squeeze pouches (Everly ate almost nothing but these on the trip. Seriously.)
-Ice pack and cosmetic bag (aka makeshift cooler for Everly's milk)
-Book and Kindle
-My journal

Things I forgot on this trip:

-My shampoo and conditioner
-Everly's swimsuit (it made it to Florida, but not Marco Island)

Things I wished I had:

-A hydroflask (or something similar, for Everly's milk)
-My wildbird sling (I brought my Sakura Bloom Scout, but it just wasn't easy to use on my own and bulkier to pack than my sling)
-Regular headphones for the plane (although narrating what I thought was happening while watching Second Act and The Upside was pretty entertaining as well)

This trip was fun, and I'm so glad that I went. I do love that the more I travel, the more I figure out how to do it the best way for me and what little things make things easier.

Where are you traveling this year? What is your favorite travel tip?

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