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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Stollen Book Club | Quarter 1

I heard once that you find what you are passionate about by thinking about the one thing that if people get you started on, you can go on and on forever about it. For me, that thing is books. I've always been a frequent flyer at the library and now that Everly is around, we go all the time. I'm just as bad (if not worse) when picking out her books. For me, I generally bring a reusable kind of grocery bag and when it's full (or overflowing) that's when I know I need to get out of the library. 

All this to say that I love books. I check out a lot of books, but I don't generally read more than half of them. Mostly because half of them turn out to be duds (books with too much language or too risque for my taste). The following books have been my favorite of the first 3 months of the year. I really didn't limit myself on how many I wanted to choose, just how many I really enjoyed. 

1. The Thing With Feathers By McCall Hoyle

I loved this book. It was about chronic illness and hope. I loved the Emily Dickinson sprinkled throughout the book as well. As I recall, it had little to no language and no sex.

2. The Year of Living Danishly By Helen Russell

This book seriously made me consider moving to Denmark. If not for the lack of sunlight for half the year and the bitter cold, I would be there. This book made me question how happy I was and how to be happier. I actually would rate myself 8-9/10. I realized while I was reading the book that the last little bit was really just things I was putting in my own way of my happiness. Things I wanted (temporally) but didn't have. It really helped me re-center on what I really need and want to be happy in this life.

3. The Great Hunt By Wendy Higgins

This was purely a fluff read. Just good old fantasy with not a whole lot of deeper plot than love... at first glance at least. I really do love how authors can weave in deeper meanings. This series (yes, it's a trilogy) really delves into prejudice and oppression of people based on fear. I loved the whole series but will warn you that there was one sex scene in the third book. 

1. Feminist Baby By Loryn Brantz
2. Feminist Baby Finds Her Voice By Loryn Brantz

Everly loved these books, probably because of the bright colors, and we loved reading them to her because we are all about girl power.

3. LlamaPhones By Janik Coat

We're definitely going to be buying this book at some point. I'm sure that the actual homophones went right over Everly's head, but each page has different textures. It's actually the book she's reading in the picture with Brian and it's turned to her favorite page "sent" and "cent". I'm already on the hunt for the rest of the books in the series. 

That's all! I'd love to hear what you read in the last few months and why you loved them! Who knows, maybe you'll see them featured as my favorites next time ;)

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