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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Monthly Moments | August

Hey there! Is it just me, or has August both flown by and lasted forever? I was really looking forward to August because it's my birthday month. Since my birthday is at the very beginning of the month I kind of use it as a "New Year" situation and look over my life and what I want to do. This last year has honestly been one of the hardest ones of my life, but also, one of the best ones. We have faced some serious challenges and I was looking forward to being 29 and kind of starting over. 

Life likes to laugh at plans like that 😂

My birthday was pretty good and I threw myself a dinner party the day after that went pretty well (minus the fact that I made way less pasta than I needed and had to make more in the middle). I even got presents at my party, which was a wonderful surprise. Honestly, I have thrown myself birthday parties many a time hoping for presents, but not getting any. I swear, as a child, presents are fun because you get fun things and you don't really have the funds to get anything for yourself yet. As an adult, I wish for presents because if I thought I didn't have the funds before, I really don't now. Anyway, I expected nothing and even got my guests party favors (which I never do) and was pleasantly surprised that they brought me gifts! 

After that, I ended up needing my first root canal and spent more than a week in pain (I would have been in pain a whole week longer than that but went to see a specialist so that I could get it taken care of sooner.)

This month has not gone as I expected, but it has had some good times too. 

We found out not long before my birthday that we are having a baby BOY. I honestly was both very surprised and not surprised at all when the ultrasound technician told us. I was hoping for another girl so that Everly would have a sister close in age and also so that we would already have everything that we needed. I started refering to the baby as "Holly" in my mind (the only name that seemed to ring true in my heart). I thought of what it would be like to put my new baby in Everly's old clothes and put bows in her hair. So when we found out that we were having a boy, I wasn't sure what to do. I have no idea how to be a boy mom and we have very little in the way of clothing that we can reuse for a boy. But now I'm excited about the new adventure that a boy will bring and wonder what my little man will look like. I had fun looking at little boy clothes and bowties and making a registry for this baby. He has been a bright spot this last month, almost as much as Everly has been. 

Sometimes I think that we were blessed with Everly (who is really one of the best babies in the world), because of all the other rough stuff that we've been through. I'm mentally preparing myself for this little guy to be rougher than his sister. While Everly still has her quirks, she is just kind of an angel child, which I attribute mostly to her and in small part to the number of podcasts and books that I've read to try and be a good mom. We'll see how this new little one does. I really can't imagine myself with two babies. Yesterday I was cooking dinner with Everly. She was being especially clingy and crying inconsolably if I had to set her down to do things like drain the pasta or grate the cheese. It all started weighing down on me that in the not too distant future I'd have two babies that want to be held and "SEE" what I'm doing when I'm cooking dinner. That Brian will still be working and hopefully we'll be in our own place. I'll have more to do and less hands to do it with. I almost lost it there while making dinner. I'm sure that I'll find my groove eventually. 

Anyway, this has been a rambling life update. I kind of enjoy doing these from time to time. I hope you're all having a great end of Summer. I'm looking forward to fall and fall clothes, although currently I feel like none of my clothes are designed for my pregnant body type (imagine that, non-maternity clothes not necessarily looking great on a maternity body!). I'm hoping to do something fun to celebrate fall like make apple crisp or spice cake. We'll see :) 

Books I've loved this month:

Furies of Calderon By Jim Butcher
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle #1) by Patrick Rothfuss

Podcast Episodes I have loved this month:

Optimizing Productivity and Avoiding Procrastination -What We Said Podcast
Kali Gray on body positivity, mindful eating and living counter-culturally -Slow Home Podcast
Modesty -Q More
French Kids Eat Everything (and so can YOURS!) -Find the Magic
Alain De Botton-- The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships -On Being (technically listened to this last month but it has been on my mind ever since)

I've been working on setting a good morning routine, waking up at 5-5:30 AM to exercise and read my scriptures and write in my journal. The only problem is that if I wake up that early I ALWAYS need a nap while Everly is napping. So I lose that break between to sleep. However, if I don't wake up early, I don't usually get a shower in, and I definitely don't exercise. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you all for reading! If you have any comments, book recommendations, or podcasts you love, please leave them below!

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