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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | March


I pucker my lips
you smile
walk close enough to me so I can kiss you
then tease me and walk away
when daddy tries to film it


the way you reached for me
til daddy handed you over
leaned against me
cheek to lips
while I kissed you over and over
I hope that those kisses soak deep
so you always know you're loved


I saw the picture of Pharoah's daughter
finding Moses
and thought of my empty womb
hers was empty too
but her arms were filled anyway


we went to the dog park
you were wrapped in our duckling sling
the dogs were interested in you
but mostly you leaned against my chest
listened to me breathe
took it all in


I pucker my lips
you get a hint of a smile
open your tiny mouth wide
lean forward
I let you put your whole mouth over my lips
touch the drool left on my chin
because tomorrow
you won't kiss me


you fell in the dry brown grass
a normal fall
but the feeling of the grass sent you toddling to me
afraid of the grass you loved last summer


after your bath
I rubbed you down
went through the usual struggle to get you dressed
I was snapping your snaps
you climbed onto me
held your tiny arms
around my neck


you clamp your mouth tight
scrunch up your nose
breathe in and out
you think it's funny
I hope you never stop


I just want to remember
with you leaned against my chest


14 months
I didn't even remember
until now

Thanks for reading! :) 

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