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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | April 2019


A new Poppy
Blooming in my belly


You looked back
to see if I was following you
caught my eye
then quickened your pace
I teased you
caught you up in fits of giggles


I love watching you and Daddy
the way you choose him
feel safe with him
wave goodbye when he steps into the next room


Those huffy breaths you take through your nose
I have no idea where your thousands of idiosyncrasies came from
but I love them
my snowflake girl


I've grown comfortable
with silence
just the sound of you
banging blocks together
yelling "MOM" when something isn't quite right
the silence of motherhood


you're trying to speak
you say it for the joy of it
for the way it forms in your mouth
I hope you remember that joy
when you read these poems


I love that it's me you reach for
when you're sad or hurt
that in these moments
you love me
as fiercely
as I love you


You didn't really understand the point
wandering the grass in a new dress that you'd normally only wear on Sunday
but the wonder was back for me
watching your newness in the grass this morning


You woke up from your nap
sat in my arms while I stroked your hair away from your face
you leaned your head into my hand
it was such a small moment
but it meant a lot to me


You cried
for apparently no reason
it broke my Mama heart
I held you
prayed for you
Daddy and I both did
until you felt better


I started patting your tummy
to distract you from your least favorite part of bedtime
when we change you
you laughed
patted your tummy every time I stopped
until we laid you down to sleep


You walked around
with a stack of rubber banded business cards to your ear
for half an hour

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed them :) Motherhood really has been so wonderful for me in so many ways, but these poems are one of the best ways I think. 

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