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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Stollen Fashion | Dwell and Slumber Dresses

I've been wearing Dwell and Slumber dresses for over a year now, so I think it's fair to say that I know how well I like them.

I love them.

Honestly, I first wanted one when I saw that it was a trendy thing. (I am all about trends... generally when they are on their way out 😂 ) I did like that they were nursing friendly, and bump friendly. Basically all of my fashion decisions for the last few years have been based around those things. Also, they seemed right up my alley since I am a more casual dresser, but still like to look nice.

These dresses live up to their name. I dwell AND slumber in them. In fact, for quite awhile I forgot what it felt like to wear pants because I just wore these dresses on repeat. I have spilled just about everything you can name on them. Chocolate on my white dress more than once and they have stood the test of time. My only complaint about these dresses is that the fabric is pretty warm, which means that if you are trying to rock them in the summer, it can get a little toasty. That said, I have taken them on trips, and still worn them most days of the summer. It's really nice for traveling because they pack small and you can use them both for an every day outfit as well as for church or temple trips. I've even used them as a swim cover. I love that they have pockets. It has spoiled me. I kind of expect my dresses to have pockets now, and when they don't I have no idea what to do with myself.

I currently have two dresses, and I would say that is just about perfect if you're a minimalist. You can wear one while the other is in the wash. Perfect for me would be just one more dress, but two works really well. I have worn them through my nursing/pumping journey with Everly and through this pregnancy, and you can bet I'll be wearing them pretty much 24/7 once this little man comes along. They're my go to outfit. Now all I need is a Gigipip hat and I can be really trendy 😉

I linked my white stripe dress (and honestly I like it more than my maroon one. It shows less of the everyday things I get on it), but they don't currently have my maroon one!

Where is your favorite dress from and why do you love it?
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