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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Monthly Moments | October 2019

Somehow October flew by even though I feel like it was jam-packed with things. October was another hard month, but maybe less hard because it didn't feel like it lasted as long. I honestly hate feeling like I've had so many hard months in a row, not so much because I don't like them (which I don't) but because I feel like I'm a generally optimistic and happy person by nature. I feel like I haven't had a harder year than this one since my college boyfriend broke up with me. 

There were some really good moments this month that helped though. 

We've been trying to introduce blankets to Everly so that you know, eventually, one day, she'll sleep in a bed with blankets. So far she only likes them when she isn't in her bed and even then... not really.

This is how I make anything I want to cook while Everly is awake. I've been trying to do things like this more so that she can learn to cook, instead of just doing it when she's sleeping (because it's so much easier).

Brian and I created this tradition of going up to Provo River Falls around General Conference when we were dating. I'd gone up a few weeks before with my best friend and wanted to show him how beautiful the leaves were. It's a tradition that has stuck and I love it. Mostly because it's our tradition. Something that we figured out on our own and has become part of us. If we ever move away I'm not sure what we'll do to replace it, but I'm glad that we get to do it now and that we get to take Everly with us.

We had a baby shower for our little boy! I was really worried before people arrived that no one was going to come. Partly because that's just how I always feel before a party that I'm throwing (not that I threw myself this one), and partly because only 12 gifts on my registry were reserved or bought before the shower... I personally knew I had bought 10 of them stocking up for the baby through the previous months.

Luckily people came and we got some clothes for our new little guy! (Who is still nameless.)

This was just too sweet not to include. Brian runs a lot. Well, he runs far I should say. He had knee surgery over the summer so he's been working back into his normal running routines (usually a minimum of 6 miles, twice a week). So last Saturday when he got back from his run he was stretching and Everly decided that she needed to stretch with him. 

Everly's first trunk or treat experience and honestly one of the most awkward parent moments of my life. Our ward threw a trunk or treat, starting at 5. They were following the trunk or treat up with a dinner at 6. I didn't want to spend a whole hour trunk or treating (I wasn't even sure how I would do that) so I figured we'd show up a half an hour late when things were in full swing.

So we did. We got there about 5:30 and all the kids were over at the pavilion. There were a few people hanging around by their trunks but not very many (seriously like 2 cars had people by them). I figured that we had come after everyone was basically finished, which made sense because we were starting a full half-hour after everyone else. 

So we went around to the cars. Chatted with the people that we knew by their cars. We helped Everly pick out a treat at each unattended trunk and put it in her bucket. We even spent like 5 minutes chatting up some strangers by their trunk but they never offered us any candy so we awkwardly moved on. Finally, we finished going around to all the cars. I seriously felt so awkward by the end. Then they announce over the loudspeaker that they're going to start the trunk or treat!

At 5:40-ish.

I felt so stupid and awkward and I'm still a little mad that the few people who were by their cars didn't say a word to us about the fact that they hadn't even started the trunk or treat yet. 

I still feel awkward just thinking about it.

So yeah, that was my October! I'm mostly just looking forward to having this baby and starting a brand new year. 

Books I loved this month:

Harry Potter (1-4)

Podcasts I've loved this month:

I have been way behind on my podcast episodes which means I've been listening to a lot trying to catch up and maybe not getting as much out of them as I usually do. 

I've had a really hard time with insomnia lately. I'm not sure if it's because I'm pregnant or if it's because I have had a lot on my mind lately. If you have any tips for me I'd love to hear them! My latest attempt at not having insomnia is to take a half dose of melatonin if I've already tried going to bed and can't and then trying to go to sleep again in a half an hour. It worked once. Failed miserably the second time. Although that may have been because of my restless legs.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you had a fantastic October and have a great November!

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