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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | May 2019

May 1, 2019

Your "sick" cry always gets me
I hear it
I know
I'm about to watch you be miserable
I always hope it will pass
that I can be your safe place while it rages

May 3, 2019

So many quirks
swinging your arms
to assert dominance over your tiny kingdom
your growls
the way you hold yourself in a seated position
when you don't want to be put down

Some months I feel like I have poetry pouring out of me. I can watch the moments happening and hear the words of the poem I will write about it later in my head. Some months I'm just living my life and I don't feel it like that. In the next few months, I had almost no poetry written about motherhood. It makes me feel a little sad because I know that there must have been so many moments that I would want to remember. Moments that I didn't capture. I tell myself that it is ok. That I still journaled. That I still was present in those moments, but it makes me want to make sure that I don't let more months slip by.

Thank you for reading! I hope that you all read these and relate or that they inspire you to keep little moments that you love written in ink so that you can remember them. 

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