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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | June-July 2019

June 20, 2019
for Everly

the honeysuckle that trails into your window well
is in bloom
like your love of the flowers is willing them down to you
so every morning
before I pick you up
I pull back your curtains
open up the window
before I can even pick you up
your room is flooded with the scent of them
pale yellow and white flowers

July 15, 2019
for Everly

I spun you
you giggled
and signed "more"
so we danced and spun again

July 16, 2019
for Everly

For now, I am your perfect seat
you back up
let yourself plop into my crossed legs
tuck your hands under your tiny thighs

July 17, 2019
for #2

I've named you already
next week we'll find out if we need a new name

July 18, 2019
for #2

You were kicking today
I can't help wonder
who will you be?
what will you learn from your sister?

July 20, 2019
for Everly

We went out on the deck
I placed a tiny homemade popsicle in your hand
the three (and a half) of us
with pineapple peach popsicles on a Summer day

July 22, 2019
for Everly

I watched you wake up today
watched you play with your bear
eyes closed
stretch your feet between the bars of your crib
until finally you saw me

July 23, 2019
for #2

We saw you today
your little feet
tiny hands
we found out you'll be a brother
not a sister like we thought
we are thrilled
little prince

July 27, 2019
for Everly

The way you cling so tightly to my neck
your body straight against me
protesting the diaper change because this one will hurt
yet, even after
you cling to me again for comfort

July 29, 2019
for Everly

Today I got kicked off the family iCloud storage plan because I take too many pictures of you
worth it.

July 30, 2019
for Everly

The beauty of holding you
alone in the dim blush light
you relaxed against me
a safe place
I want to always be that for you

July 31, 2019
for Everly 

A year and a half with you
what a wonderful ride

Thanks for reading! I am so excited to have two little ones to write poetry about. Life is really a beautiful ride.

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