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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Poems of Motherhood | August 2019


For Everly

Watching you hurt
I wish
what so many mothers have wished
that I could take it for you
instead I hold you
murmur "I know" over again


For Everly

Today you went to Nursery for the first time
for me it was the start of an era
your life without me
part of me is glad to see you learn and play on your own
the other sad to see this change


For Everly

We made homemade ice cream on a whim
it was just the sort of thing I'd always imagined I would do
we did it like it was no big deal
which is just the sort of thing I imagined too


For Everly

You try to pour water on me
as I sit beside your tub as you play
you think you're so clever
today you learned the word "sneaky"
so you said "keeky" as yo stood with a bottle full of tub water


For Baby #2

You went with me to get a root canal
kicking and squirming away
reminding me
that 29 will be full of wonderful things


For Everly

We had a lot of beautiful moments today
blowing dandelion seeds out of your hands
running hugs
dancing in the kitchen while making sweet and sour chicken


For Everly

We swam until you were shivering in the august heat
you would have stayed
given the choice
but let me gather you in my arms
tuck you warm against me and dress you in Daddy's shirt

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these poems 😊 It's really so fun for me to go back and look at the pictures I took at the time and what I wrote down. It makes me want to be even better at writing these poems, especially since I've been pretty bad at it the last few months 🙈
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