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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Greyson's Birth Story Part II

As I said before, I love reading birth stories, but when I was thinking about writing out Greyson's birth story I realized that I wanted to know the other side of his birth story. I wanted to know what Brian was thinking and feeling when Greyson was born. I wanted to see it through his eyes. After all, his seat was much different than mine. I wanted to know how he saw me through the birth and what he thought as we brought our son into the world. So I asked him to write out the birth story for him. So here it is :) 

If you follow me on social media, you know it’s no secret that I really wanted a Friday the 13 baby. Everly was born on a super blue blood moon so it seemed only fitting that our next child would be born on a similarly significant winter’s day. Adding to my desire was the fact that it seemed very likely after we had events seemed to indicate that his birth was nigh. Rachael was due on December 12 but the doctor told us she didn’t think there was a chance we would make it long past the 11 without a baby. When the 11 came and went, and then so did the 12, I decided it could only be because Greyson was meant to be born on the 13. I awaited anxiously at work that day just waiting for the message from Rachael saying it had started, but the message never came. I got home and tried encouraging Rachael to do the things that would supposedly induce labor, but it was all in vain. 
I then became indifferent regarding when he would be born but still figured it was imminent. However, the next few days turned out to be ordinary. We had scheduled an induction for Wednesday, December 18 on the very slight chance that we hadn’t gone into labor already but with each passing day, I came to believe that ultimately, that’s when Greyson would make his appearance. 
On Monday, December 16 we had my annual company holiday party, and this year we went to Top Golf. Rachael and I both had fun with my coworkers swinging golf clubs and discussing everyone’s mutual surprise that we had no new baby yet. Actually, I should say I feigned surprise but in reality, I strongly believed Greyson would be born at the scheduled induction two days later. 
We arrived home about 9:30 pm and feeling both tired and very sore from golfing, I took Tylenol and Benadryl to help me sleep that night. Quickly thereafter, I laid down expecting to get a full night’s rest. 
I never ended up falling asleep in bed because I noticed Rachael was having trouble settling down. I watched her toss and turn before getting out of bed and pacing a bit. I asked if she was having contractions and she said yes. I told her I wanted to try to sleep for a couple hours because I’d taken Benadryl but to let me know when contractions reached the point we needed to go to the hospital. 
Of course, upon realizing that we were likely having a baby that night, there was no way that I could fall asleep. So I laid there listening to Rachael move about and prepare while trying unsuccessfully to sleep off the Benadryl. 
Rachael informed me around midnight that it was time to go so I quickly got dressed and we went to the hospital. We got checked in and upon settling into our room, it finally felt like the Benadryl took its effect and my body was ready to fall asleep. 
The next few hours blur together because I was fighting sleep while sitting up but mostly failing. The doctors and nurses would come in and check Rachael’s progress and then leave, during which time things were relatively quiet and uneventful. I drank copious amounts of caffeine during this time to try and wake up but none of it seemed to have any affect. 
A little after 4 am (I had a brief hope that he would be born at 4:20 am), things had proceeded to the point where we knew Greyson’s arrival was close so it was time for Rachael to start actively pushing. Rachael was progressing rather quickly but I didn’t dare tell her that for fear of repeating the mistakes we made with Everly where we told her for three hours that she was just a couple pushes away. It seemed our prince was going to make it out completely uneventfully!
As he got closer to making his final descent, his oxygen level started to dip during the pushes. Then they asked us if it was ok to use the vacuum on his head to try to pull him out quicker, even though there was a slight risk of brain damage. I noticed that a team had started gathering in the back and I was told they were there, “just in case something it’s necessary.” The fear welled up as I felt we were about to have a repeat of our baby being instantly whisked away from us while we watched helplessly from the sidelines as the doctors and nurses rushed and hurried about.    
But then, he was here. They instantly put him on Rachael’s chest and no one took him away from us. It’s incredible how quickly the feeling of dread of evaporated and was instantly replaced by the most remarkable tenderness and awe. Rachael kept him on her chest for an hour while he ate and then slept. She just held him and I got to be there. He looked remarkably like Everly and I knew he was ours. 
Thinking about it later, it’s astounding how he just instantly felt a part of our family. An hour before, we were a family of three and that was just how it was. But then he arrived and there was no doubt that he was just as much a part of our family as any of the rest of us. Also, his birth was so much less traumatic than Everly’s, as was just our whole hospital experience. Labor was literally just a fraction of the time, the delivery went (mostly) fine, and then at the end, we were able to just bring him home after two days without having to fight to get him out of the NICU.   
Regardless, now he’s our Greyson and we are complete. 

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we get to see many more birth stories from husbands and partners in the future!

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